Zion Xizheng Dad! Adult actress exposure pregnancy announced that she was pregnant, Zion’s girlfriend just announced that her daughter would be born

News on June 29th, the Pelicans as the star of Zion William, the star of the Pelicans, recently "happy events"!After being announced with his girlfriend to usher in the first child, Zion has suffered a social media that has suffered an adult female star and revealed that he has been dating with Zion.A few days ago, the adult actress announced her pregnancy on social media, and Zion once again "happy dad"!

On June 7, Zion announced on social media that he would welcome a daughter with his 29 -year -old girlfriend Rose, which is also Zion’s first child.But Rose and ex -boyfriend have a 6 -year -old son.

Unexpectedly, Zion was immediately bombarded by hundreds of Twitter Moriah Mills, an adult actress Moriah Mills.The actress wrote like this: "I hate you! Zion looks like you have a girlfriend, carrying me with me and other women to bed! You liar !!!"

"You’d better pray that I am not pregnant, because my holiday is postponed."

"I was with you in New Orleans last week. You can’t tell me that you will get a woman immediately. After all, I have done so much for you."

"You are so smelly! There is no way to get the real adult female star to get pregnant!"

According to statistics, adult actress Moriah Mills has sent more than 135 Twitter Angry Zion.

In contrast, Zion’s NBA career has only played 114 games so far.

In order to express his feelings for Zion, Moriah Mills even tattooed his name "Zion" on his face.

Because he said he wanted to disclose his love action with Zion, the Twitter account of adult actress Moriah Mills was blocked.

Today, Moriah Mills posted a positive photo of her pregnancy test stick on Instgram and announced her pregnancy.Zion is going to be a father again!

In this regard, netizens have said, "If you have children, you will be guaranteed in the second half of your life, but you do n’t know if it’ s Zion ’s.”

"The three great joy in life, the daddy is particularly happy"

"Mother is expensive?"

"After the DNA is tested, you can eat big households"

"There are children, there is a guarantee in the second half of my life, I don’t know if it is Zion’s". "

"Is the American condom expensive?"

"Is this child from Wu’s second child next door?"

"If this two years still stopped, it would be abandoned."

"This is nothing, Howard has 5 children of the same father and mother," "

"Originally I wanted to 讹 Zion, but the main palace was pregnant. The meat selling meat was also really disgusting, but the taste of Zion was also very heavy."

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