Zheng Shuang’s overseas "come back", and she has no choice but to explode Zhang Heng’s lover indecent photos, netizens: This time it is really crazy

Hello everyone.

Remember Zheng Shuang?

She "operates" in her overseas personal account, shared public welfare, and was a birthday party. She was so busy.It seems to be preparing to return to the entertainment industry …

Then he put out the indecent photos of Zhang Heng’s lover, and did not choose to observe Zhang Heng’s derailment.

It seems that she was blocked, so I really want to "come back" this time?

Zheng Shuang, 31, is still unhappy.

Ironically, as the former flow of the past, Zheng Shuang’s birthday, the entire entertainment industry was quiet.

Only one director sent a brief birthday greeting on Weibo, but he did not dare to give her name as generously as in the past.

But even so, Zheng Shuang deliberately sent an ins. Thanks to the director and his "loyal fans".

She still thinks that she "do nothing from beginning to end", and was blocked just because of "misunderstanding."

But is everything really a misunderstanding?

Is she really just a little fairy who did nothing wrong?

Let’s look back at that explosive Weibo

On January 18, 2021, Zheng Shuang’s ex -husband Zhang Heng burst into the United States, and he took two children.

Judging from the birth of the two children he provided to the media, the two children were his children and Zheng Shuang, and the birth time of the two children was almost the same.

This obviously does not conform to the natural law of human beings in October.

For a while, all evidence points to one possibility: the two children were born of Zheng Shuang surrogacy.

Immediately afterwards, the more explosive call recording was revealed.

During the recording, Zheng Shuang’s father told Zhang Heng’s father that the two had no feelings, so the two children who had been seven months old would not be ——

"I just abandoned it ~" A word written as if it was not life.

And Zheng Shuang on the side, said something even more outrageous:

"I can’t get it off, I am annoyed, TMD!"

The disgust of tone seems to be a performance at will, or the garbage that is about to throw away.

Women’s uterus as a fertility tool, a new life as a commodity sale, and even discarding it at will.

It has long been banned in my country.

As a Chinese citizen, Zheng Shuang is also a star with social influence, but he treats life as a cold money transaction, and let his preferences determine life and death.So mad, it is really creepy.

With the increase of Zhang Heng’s breaking news, the public was surprised to find that there were still many "surprises" on Zheng Shuang: only the film paid for the movie "Ghost Girl Ghost" was as high as 160 million.

Since then, a new "metering unit" has been popular on the Internet: "Yishu".

One cool = 160 million, cool day = 2.08 million.

Subsequently, Zheng Shuang was investigated for suspected signing of the "Yin and Yang Contract".Soon, the State Administration of Taxation reported that Zheng Shuang’s tax evasion case was seriously investigated and punished in accordance with the law, and a total of 299 million were recovered and fined.

Since then, Zheng Shuang has accounted for Zheng Shuang alone.

How bad this is, how bad it has had on the entire society.

She was blocked since then.

And she and her fans still think that Zheng Shuang was just misunderstood today?

In recent years, the state has severely hit the artist of morality, and has resolutely blocked no chance.

However, some of the artists such as Zheng Shuang still did not want to give up the "star rice" of fame and fortune, and tried to come back.

For example, Ke Zhendong, who won the film emperor at a film festival a while ago, took the trophy to tell how easy it was.

And his fans shouted to respond to: "If you don’t talk about poison, I really eat his face, hurry up and go back to the mainland to make a show!"

Luo Zhixiang, while clamoring to take back all the lost, he was righteous and scolded the people who resisted themselves as "Internet sour people".

And his supporters also have a different learning, and they have made some confusing remarks: "There are too many keyboard heroes of my brother, welcome to the handsome guy to come back!"

For another example, Fan Bingbing registered a new company silently and sold a mask on the online social platform.

And when you open the comment area, you often see someone say: "Aside from everything else, her face value really hangs all female stars!"

Did you find it?

In the hearts of these bad artists who want to come back, there is a set of self -awareness that completely deviates from facts:

I am poor, weak, and innocent. I just make a mistake that people in the world will make. Why should I bear such a big grievance?

This is really a robber logic!

In fact, as public figures, they walked crazy on the edge of the law. They put such confusing world views, values, and outlook on life in the eyes of the world to harm the world.

This is by no means weak and innocent!

Who is the real weak?

Zheng Shuang, who is not looking for a surrogate, is the female students who sell eggs at the age of 16.

It is a large factory employee who is "strategic pregnancy".

When Ke Zhendong, who returned from drug abuse, stood on the stage with a smile on the stage, but the sacrifice of the anti -drug police wife cried in a loss: "My husband can never come back …"

When the star was on the stage of the fourth wedding on the stage.

On the other side, there are people weighing again for a 75 yuan wedding dress.

Some people can’t even afford a complete wedding dress, and can only buy a 38 -6 6 skirt for the disabled wife.

When a star lives with a large and bright house.

Some people have to sleep in the same bed for the rent of 900 yuan.

Weak is not a giant screen private theater in the star’s house, but a 200 yuan TV set of ordinary people.

When the star’s wife lives as high as 510,000 sky -high rooms, the years are quiet.

Many mothers have to "just be a mother", fighting like a man, life, making her less than postpartum depression.

The private ethics of the artist is by no means a personal affairs, but a major event related to the social atmosphere.

When the inferior artists ignored the moral constraints, tried the law with their body, and afterwards, they nostalgic for the glory of the public figures, and called Qu Liantian for the opportunity to get a face.Want, but also.

It is not to say that you can no longer appear on the Internet, live like everyone, but should no longer appear as public figures or even idols.

In fact, even if they become ordinary people, they can still have a lot of time.

However, most ordinary people do their best, but it is impossible to live a star -like life throughout their lives.

If "Zheng Shuang" can still come back, it will be a slap in everyone’s face.

The charm of Da Orange thinks that the charm of public characters comes from its noble career, good social image, and excellent literary and beautiful works, not the false "people" that follow the five views.

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