Zhang Zetian is suspected to be pregnant with a second child!It’s a giant belly to accompany the 19 -year -old husband to visit the supermarket, showing close love as early as the beginning

On September 24, some netizens took the picture of Liu Qiangdong’s couple appeared in the supermarket. Zhang Zetian also suspected that he was pregnant with a second child. As soon as the news came out, he immediately aroused heated discussion.

In the recent photos of the exposure, the couple who visited the supermarket together seemed very relaxed and stopped in front of the shelf to study from time to time.During the process, Zhang Zetian always closer to her husband, expressing closeness, and affection.

I saw that Liu Qiangdong appeared in a gray T -shirt and black trousers and was casual.At the age of 48, he has been able to maintain his body, but his hair is already pale, and a bunch of white hair in front of his forehead is particularly conspicuous.

On the side, Zhang Zetian wore a striped dress and a small white shoes, and his long hair was scattered on his shoulders. The shape was simple and difficult to hide his temperament.Her facial features are delicate and exquisite, her skin is white to glow, and her beauty is outstanding.

Surprisingly, her belly is as big as she has been pregnant for several months.However, her limbs are still slender.

Zhang Zetian, 29, has grown beautiful and moving since he was a child. He was already a school flower in high school.In 2009, the classmate passed a photo of her hand holding milk tea to the Internet. She was pure and refined, and quickly went to the Internet.

Many people think that she will enter the entertainment industry to develop, but she does not expect her to have little interest, and has always worked hard to study.During her study abroad in 2013, she met Liu Qiangdong.Two people with a lot of age were interested and soon came together.

In 2015, Liu Qiangdong was exposed to Zhang Zetian to buy millions of luxury homes. In the same year, the two officially registered for marriage and became a couple.After the marriage, Zhang Zetian gave birth to a daughter quickly. Liu Qiangdong loved her more and more, and the family lived happily.

Of course, the life of the couple is not smooth sailing, but the relationship between the two has not changed.

At the beginning of the year, Zhang Zetian and her husband were photographed together to attend the daughter’s school. The family was rare to fit, and the picture was warm and loving.

Although life is worry -free, Zhang Zetian is unwilling to stay at home as a wife.Over the years, she has actively invest in business, developing her career, and making her net worth rising.At the same time, she frequently attended various celebrities and activities to expand her connections.

In order to increase her knowledge, she went to the University of Cambridge for further studies 2 years ago. After unremitting efforts, she welcomed graduation in May, but she did not see her in the graduation ceremony.

In early July, Zhang Zetian finally appeared. She went to Paris to participate in the fashion show, and there was a goddess Song Huiqiao in the same scene.Although Zhang Zetian’s floral dress is a famous brand, it is already a seasonal style. Compared with the pearl and the treasure Song Huiqiao, her dress is relatively low -key.

At that time, she might be loose, and her abdomen was not obviously bulge, and she could not see her baby.Unexpectedly, in less than 3 months, she had become a giant belly.

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