Yuan Licai took a kissing posture with her husband, and the lower abdomen was suspected to be pregnant?

Since Yuan Li announced on Weibo last month that he had married his poet Liang Taiping, he began to be out of control.

Yuan Li, who was married, has opened up the daily dazzling model. After a netizen wrote an article after a fake tone of Liang Taiping, Yuan Li not only fakes himself, but also boasted that Liang Taiping was particularly excellent. He rushed to marry him by himself.Essence

Yuan Li often share the poems written by Liang Taiping on Weibo.

The back of her husband’s reading, the breakfast he made for her husband, in Yuan Li’s eyes is the simplest and happiest trivial matter in life.

On the cake that Yuan Li was exposed, he also wrote the words "Love is never just breath", and generously showed love.

Yuan Li’s Weibo left many marks of love.

Recently, Yuan Li, who is constantly affectionate, took a few photos of himself and her husband, and also paired with her husband’s poems.

On the day, the two looked like eating in a restaurant. During the period, the two played a selfie.

Yuan Li looked at the camera, and Liang Taiping’s eyes kept on Yuan Li’s face, full of love.

When the love was so strong, the two also started a kiss.

The fans think that Yuan Li is definitely the biggest "scale" among the show love stars. When she publicly got married, she had a kissing photo of herself and her husband.

After that, I took a lot of intimate photos one after another, and I also made a kiss -shaped photo, which was also loving.

However, in the photos that Yuan Li took this time, the most remarkable thing was not the kiss photos of the two, but her slightly rumbling belly.

It can be seen that in one of the photos, Yuan Li sat on the chair and looked at the camera with a sweet smile, and her abdomen was very eye -catching.

Is Yuan Li pregnant?Could it be that he suddenly got married because he was pregnant?

If it is true, the fans really want to congratulate Yuan Li. After all, she is 46 years old, and it is really not easy to conceiving children now.

In the past few years, Yuan Li had experienced abortion. At that time, Yuan Li’s second marriage husband announced the news of Yuan Li’s pregnancy on Weibo, but he left it.

When everyone wondered whether Yuan Li had no children in the end, Yuan Li personally admitted that he was actually abortion in the "Venus Show", and revealed that he had frozen eggs.

It can be seen that Yuan Li wants children. If she really has the crystallization of love with her three -married husband this time, it is also worth celebrating.

However, before Yuan Li’s confirmation, the fans just guess and dare not disconnect.

Because Yuan Li has been blessed in the past few years, it may be relatively blessed, maybe the small abdomen is slightly convex because of the small belly …

Over the years, the outside world has been questioning Yuan Li’s questioning, but from the perspective of public welfare, my sister still supports Yuan Li.

Fan Sister blessed Yuan Li to realize her wish as soon as possible, and hoped that in this marriage, she really met the right person.

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