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“2023”A wisdom of a strong mother

In order to have a good marriage for children, Changsha’s mother Liu Hongxia made her body calculation as a child.However, in the name of love, she was dispersed with a good marriage of her children! So that her daughter was in love and did not dare to tell her that her son had left home for many years.What is going on? Can Liu Hongxia finally reconcile with their children?

Strictly control the strong mother, the children are booming into the remaining fighter

On May 3, 2019, in a hotel lobby in the Guitang River in Changsha City, Hunan Province, Liang Qiao wore a white tube top wedding dress, holding his father Liang Jingwen’s arm, and slowly walking towards the groom Hou Wei.On the VIP seat below, Liu Hongxia stared at her daughter, so she was so excited that she was so crying.

The new couple had just exchanged the wedding ring. I did not expect that the 10 -year -old step -son Hou Hao rushed on the stage with a handful of flowers and shouted, "Happy wedding for parents and dads! Born early and noble children! In an instant, the stage was chaotic.

Relatives and friends discussed, Liu Hongxia Huo Ran stood up and asked her daughter eagerly: "What happened to this child?" Liang Qiao said for a while, and the mother did not know that Hou Wei had been divorced and had children!Out of everything, plant it, faint …

Liang Qiao was born in Changsha in 1983. There is a 5 -year -old brother Liang Jun in the family.From her memory, the mother is the authority at home.

Liang Qiao is similar to his mother and has been exaggerated from an early age.Although the family was very difficult at that time, Liu Hongxia would still squeeze out of her limited salary to cultivate her to learn painting and dance, and dressed her beautifully.For his son Liang Jun, Liu Hongxia is particularly severe. It is said that the boys can only have a future if they read the book!

In 1996, Liang Jun was admitted to the computer department of Changsha University of Technology.At that time, Liang Jingwen was in poor health, was often hospitalized, and his family was economically tense.The tuition fees for undergraduates are very expensive, and their colleges have subsidies.Everyone thought that Liu Hongxia would force Liang Jun to choose a junior college, but did not expect that she actually borrowed 15,000 yuan, not only paid tuition for her son, but also bought a Pentium 133 computer.Let Liu Hongxia’s family the first family of computers in that era.When Liang Qiaocheng college, because of her performance

Not very good, I only read a college.Liu Hongxia said, it doesn’t matter, the biggest success of the girl is to find a good mother’s house.

After graduating from Liang Jun, he entered a large hotel as a computer network repairman.Two years later, Liang Jun was promoted to the supervisor, and his career prospects were good.Liang Qiao went to a small company opened by relatives to account for accounting.

In 2003, Liu Hongxia retired at the age of 50. She had no preferences and began to put all her thoughts on the marriage of a pair of children.

In the first few years, none of the objects that Liang Qiao talked about could enter Liu Hongxia’s eyes.Every time her daughter takes people home, she will force her daughter to break up after asking the other party’s situation carefully.Once, Liang Qiao was so angry that he said, "Mom, the foundation of marriage is love, I like to look good, even if they are suffering with others! And maybe people are potential stocks!" Liu Hongxia raised his mouth dismissively: "Potential such things can be seen in ten years and eight years? Even if it is really boiled that day, you are old. Women’s youth is short. Even if you don’t think about yourself, what about your child?"

For Liang Jun, Liu Hongxia was not in a hurry to let him fall in love.She said: "Boys must take advantage of their youngsters, and their wives will be more grade in the future. However, Liang Jun is too honest.Began to worry, and the demands of the future daughter -in -law were lowered a lot.

When Liang Qiao was 28 years old, his parents were the boyfriend of the hospital. His name was Gong Gang, one year younger than Liang Qiao, and he looked ordinary. The victory was superior civil servants and family members.This time, Liu Hongxia finally did not object.This year, Liang Jun ushered in his first love.The girl is called Huang Miao and looks average.Her hometown is Baishi Town, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, and there is also a younger brother in the home.After graduating from junior high school, Huang Miao came to work with relatives with relatives and worked as a waiter in the hotel where Liang Jun worked.

Liu Hongxia disagreed with this marriage, but could not hold Liang Jun like.Soon, Huang Miao lived at home.For a long time, Liang Jun’s salary card has been kept by Liu Hongxia, who has a strong desire to control, but now his son is in love and has increased. Under several resistance, Liu Hongxia took out the deposit of the card and returned the card to return the card.Give him, and also included the total expenses of the two people eating and drinking at home.

After spending a long time, Liu Hongxia complained to her daughter in her back, saying that Huang Miao has a soft personality and diligent person. The only bad thing is that she is too much to pay for her mother’s house.

Marry a daughter -in -law to engage in dual standards, make good marriage for children

In July 2013, Liang Jun was 35 years old.Eye was holding his grandson with his former colleagues and friends, and Liu Hongxia also felt itchy, urging his son to marry Huang Miao.In September, the two met in the private room of a restaurant.Huang Miao’s parents proposed that the Liang family paid for a down payment to buy a house, write the names of two young people, and repay the loan.As for Cai Li, the two discuss.

However, Liu Hongxia hopes to decorate the old house of the three -bedroom and one living room in the house.Helpless Huang Miao’s family insisted on no house without marrying.After returning home, Liang Jun proposed to his mother to get the down payment for the salary in her hand.Liu Hongxia was so angry that he scolded him, saying that he was too honest. Huang Miao’s family could not buy a house, and she had to add a name. In case of divorce in the future, she would definitely be half divided.Liang Jun was worried about Huang Miao’s anger, but Liu Hongxia said that the matter was covered on her.

However, although Liu Hongxia strongly told Huang Miao’s various benefits, Huang Miao was not loose.Not only that, she came back late and hid in the room to play with her mobile phone after eating.On the other hand, Gong Gang also married Liang Qiao.That day, their family came to the Liang family with a high gift, and Huang Miao was there.On the dinner table, Liu Hongxiao told Gong Gang’s mother: "Mother -in -law, our family is very satisfied with Gangzi. As long as we need to be used as a house for a wedding room and the name of Qiaoer, it is a guarantee for her. The car is casual. In addition,Cai Li will take 300,000 to let Qianer bring back all the time. The banquet five -star hotel is fine.

Gong Gang’s mother changed his face on the spot: "Are you funny? What is the man responsible for everything? Do you have a personal person?" Liu Hongxia also said coldly with a cold face?Is the standard of marriage? Our conditions are not as good as your family, but my daughter looks beautiful and the person who chases her is a lot better than your son’s conditions! "In the end, the two sides were unhappy and scattered.

The yellow seedlings who have been seeing the whole thing have been witnessed, and look at Liu Hongxia’s eyes.In the middle of the night, Huang Miao couldn’t help but quarreled with Liang Jun: "Your mother is really interesting. Marrying a daughter knows that asking the other party to be a house and a gift, but marrying a daughter -in -law only wants to be a hair, how can there be such a good thing?"

Liang Jun was too late to coax. Liu Hongxia, who went to the toilet at night, heard that Liu Hongxia, who passed the door of their room, and said, "My son graduated from undergraduate undergraduate undergraduate.Hundreds of thousands of gifts are required for a car, but what compare your academic qualifications and looks? "Where did Huang Miao say that the other party could say this and ran out with tears.Liang Jun was stunned and was about to chase. Liu Hongxia stopped him and said angrily: "You dare to go out of this door today, don’t recognize my mother anymore!" Liang Jun did not dare to take a step.

Seeing that Liang Jun and Huang Miao’s marriage was yellow, Liang Qiao and Gong Gang were not smooth.Because of Liu Hongxia’s request, Gong Gangma forced his son and Liang Qiao to break up.Gong Gang asked Liang Qiao to persuade her mother. In addition to the house, Cai Li was less.He also promised that when he got married, he would make money to buy a house that belongs to the two.

However, Liang Qiao had no confidence to persuade his mother at all, and Gong Gang could only sigh.After that day, Gong Gang became more and more indifferent to her, and sometimes he could not contact him for ten and a half months, and Liang Qiao often sent him a message.

One day, Liang Qiao and his girlfriend were shopping in the mall, and saw Gong Gang holding a young girl with a smile.At the moment when the two sides touched, Gong Gang obviously dodged, and then pretended to walk away calmly.At that moment, Liang Qiao’s heart was ashamed as as if it was torn.That night, Gong Gang called her to apologize: "Qiao’er, sorry. My mother resolutely disagreed with us together, saying that if I insist, she can’t get a dime for marriage. But you know, your mother–"He didn’t say anymore.Liang Qiao tears is like a rain, and this is the point. Even if Gong Gangzhen persisted for her, her mother would not agree with her without a car and no car.

Soon, Huang Miao also proposed to resign from Saidian to his hometown to the Saidian.At the end of the year, the news of Gong Gang was about to get married, saying that the girl was pregnant and had to be married.Liang Qiao looked at Gong Gang’s wedding photos shared in the circle of friends. He cried.

One night in March 2014, Liang Jun, who had never been drinking, was drunk and went home. As soon as he entered the house, he began to complain to Liu Hongxia: "Blame you, Huang Miao is married, and she will be a mother immediately. Why you?I want to dismantle us? I just want to get back my own money … She just wants to have a small home with me, this … what’s wrong? "That night, Liang Jun cried very sadly.Liang Jingwen, who has always been honest, blamed his wife too strong, and eventually led to a pair of children lost a good marriage.

Stecked first, then the marriage ended, and the mother finally regrets the mother

On New Year’s Day in 2015, Liang Qiaoyun’s cousin was married.The husband’s husband’s condition is good. The aunt on the banquet is very stunned. She has always been not dealing with Liu Hongxia. She also deliberately asked the marriage between Liang Jun and Liang Qiao.As soon as he returned home, Liu Hongxia had a temper to his children, saying that he was 37 years old and a 32 -year -old. He was old and leftover, but he was not anxious at all, and he was shameful!

Liang Qiao was silent, but Liang Jun suddenly broke out and yelled at his mother: "Yes, I let you shame, but I originally had a chance to get married. Who was destroyed?Who hurts? Liu Hongxia was so angry that she was unstable. Fortunately, her husband helped her in time to fall. From then on, Liang Jun started to eat at home and hid in the room every day to play the computer. Many timesLiu Hongxia arranged a blind date for him, and he was too lazy to go.

One morning in the morning, Liu Hongxia cried and ran into her daughter’s room with a piece of paper, and saw it: "Parents, coincidence, I want to go into a young age. After I settled, I will contact my family., Don’t worry about me! "

That day, Liu Hongxia shed tears of remorse for the first time, saying, "I’m obviously for you, but why don’t you understand at all?"

In the next two years, Liang Qiao has been in the empty window period.At the age of 33, she met Hou Wei, who was divorced.The other party is tall and handsome. He is a lecturer in a training institution. He has a house and a car.When they came into contact, Liang Qiao found that he and Hou Wei were shot in all aspects, and even Hou Hao and her were very close.Liang Qiao began to go out early and returned, and often brought supper and gifts home.Liu Hongxia sensitively noticed the change of her daughter, and began to tap the side to inquire about the man’s situation, but Liang Qiaosu was like a bottle.She knew the old mother too much. If Liu Hongxia knew that Hou Wei was divorced with a child, she would definitely cry and make trouble for her to break up.

It wasn’t until Liang Qiao took him home for the first time after receiving a marriage certificate with Hou Wei.Because she was afraid that her mother was difficult to accept, she asked Hou Wei to conceal the divorced and uncle.On the day of the meeting, Hou Wei, who had a well -existent talked about, won the favor of Liu Hongxia. She praised her daughter to choose her husband with a vision!

On May 3, 2019, at the wedding of Liang Qiao and Hou Wei, Hou Wei’s parents originally arranged to take care of Hou Hao and prevent him from contacting the woman’s relatives and friends.However, after Liang Qiao and Hou Wei exchanged the wedding ring, Hou Hao wanted to surprise the two, hugging a bouquet of flowers and ran to the stage quietly, so the beginning of this article …

Relatives quickly sent Liu Hongxia to the hospital with seven hands and eight feet.After inspection, her body was not hindered.However, Liu Hongxia pointed at her daughter and scolded: "Your wings are hard, and such big things dare to deceive my mother! It makes me a joke in the eyes of everyone. You go, I don’t want to see you again in the future!The outbreak: "I am not your puppet puppet, I have the right to decide my marriage and life! Originally, my elder brother and I can get married, but you can destroy you all! The elder brother is afraid of you before going to hide in the field.Hou Wei and I really love each other. What if he has a son? You have to think that I have lost your face, then I will come to see you less! "She finished speaking, gambling and throwing away the door.

After that, Liang Qiao kept linked to his mother.Before the Spring Festival in 2020, she was pregnant.During that time, it was the epidemic period, and Liang Qiao couldn’t even eat the meal, and sent a circle of friends to complain.

As a result, early at the beginning of the New Year, a rush knocking at the door sounded.Liang Qiao opened the door and saw that it was a mother.I saw that she was carrying a basket of eggs and two chickens, and said worriedly: "You can’t vomit meals. The baby in the stomach can’t be hungry. I just take care of you."

Liang Qiao heard his words, and he couldn’t help but mutter.However, I got along with each other for a few days, and she was surprised to find that her mother changed her personal: everything has a quantity, and she changes the tricks every day to make all kinds of delicious food for Hou Hao … Liu Hongxia has a good cooking skills, and soon conquer it.Snack goods Hou Hao.In less than half a month, the two became forgotten the year.

One night, Liang Qiao went to her mother’s room and found that she was wearing a flower mirror and looked at Liang Jun’s circle of friends.Seeing her daughter, Liu Hongxia blushed, and said, "Mom recently reflected and felt that he had been too harsh to you before, but he had to manage everything. But you do n’t know that you have grown up, and your parents should learn to let go! Now the epidemic is so serious. I do n’t know if your brother is alone.Okay in Guangzhou … she said tears. Liang Qiao couldn’t help but comfort: Don’t blame yourself. My grandchildren have children and grandchildren, and my brother will definitely meet a good girl again. "

That night, Liu Hongxia sent a WeChat to Liang Jun, saying, "Army, there are no perfect parents in this world. I did something wrong before, I hope you can forgive it; similarly, there are no perfect children in this world. In the future, I will never blame it anymore.I. I only wish you can live healthy and happy. "Soon, Liang Jun said that the past has passed. He will bring a new girlfriend home on the National Day this year

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