You who are a little expert in housework, after pregnancy, these 4 things are released first

My good girlfriend Lin Lin is a very virtuous girl. Before she married, the wells often cleaned up in the family. It was never like me.Her mother -in -law praised that until after pregnancy, she also developed a habit of being idle, but after pregnancy, due to changes in the secretion of body hormones and the increase in the bulging belly as the pregnancy cycle increased, I persuaded Lin Lin to have some things still don’t want to do not wantDone.

Some pregnant mothers want to be a good daughter -in -law who can clean up the family, and move their own psychology and do not do it with themselves. Her husband is busy. The mother -in -law is not in the psychology of living and has to do it, but the actions of the pregnant mother will become more and more.It is inconvenient. For the health of yourself and your baby, some housework is really released first!

1. cook

A sense of smell is the earliest change in pregnancy after pregnancy.Because pregnant women have a reaction of pregnancy, the smell of oil fume during cooking will only aggravate nausea and vomiting, which is very uncomfortable.If the temperature in the kitchen in summer is high, it is more likely to cause discomfort in pregnant women, which will affect the development of the embryo.

Early pregnancy is a critical period for the development of the nervous system and organs. The harmful substances caused by the smell of oil fume and the heat of edible oil, and the carbon monoxide of the kitchen will be absorbed by the embryo through the placenta, which will easily affect the intellectual development of the fetal baby, cause embryo deformity, and abortion.In addition, the hot air edge is too bad for the baby, and the radiation of gas and induction cookers is very large.

2. Washing dishes

When washing dishes, you can’t avoid using cold water, and cold water can easily stimulate the body of the pregnant woman, leading to cold, and in severe cases, it may induce abortion.

Not only that, it is also necessary to use the detergent containing chemical products when washing dishes. After contact, it will enter the body through the skin, affecting the normal development of the baby.Select other alternatives, such as putting gloves when you need to wash dishes to reduce your contact with cold water.

3. Drag the floor

For example, do not do it again, such as mopping, sweeping the floor, and flooring, etc., because when you do these household chores that need to bend over, it will cause a certain sense of oppression in the fetus in the abdomen.Causes hypoxia.And long -term bending may cause pelvic congestion and abortion.

Especially after 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is absolutely prohibited, and these household chores can be handed over to her husband.In the third trimester, if the pregnant mother really needs to bend over, you can slowly hold things and squat down, and then slowly support it.

4. Move heavy objects

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother should try to avoid lifting, moving, and heavy objects, because at this time, fertilized eggs have just bed in the uterus.Hard abdomen is easy to cause contraction reactions. This is a very dangerous thing for mothers in the third trimester. Try to seek help from family members and not be stubborn alone.

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to rest. Try not to do the housework that pregnant women do!Finally, I hope that expectant mothers will give birth to little cuteness.

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