You must take contraceptives because of sexual behavior?

Speaking of short -acting oral contraceptives, you may say that I know that it is the one that eats once every 72 hours after the relationship.

Wrong, you must be misled by the sales staff of the pharmacy.The kind you said is called emergency contraceptive.

Short -effect means that the action time is very short. Generally, it will fail in 24 hours. Of course, the effect of emergency contraceptives is also very short, and it will fail in 24 hours.However, due to the special and single composition, it is not the short -acting oral contraceptives we often say.We often refer to compound short -acting oral contraceptives, which contain two components: progesterone and estrogen, so it is called compound; because each piece of medicine is effective for 24 hours.You need to take one capsule every day, and you need to eat 21-28 days in one cycle.

In the 1930s of the 1930s, human beings first extracted progesterone in the body hormone. Since then, the milestone of contraceptive pill research has been opened. In the 1950s, the first generation of short -acting oral contraceptives came out.The autonomy of fertility.Before these mature contraceptive measures came out, women, whether it was a dignitarian official or a civilian, as long as it was not abandoned by a man, as long as there was the ability to give birth, he was always pregnant.From the 1950s, with effective contraceptive measures, women can swell in the workplace.

What ingredients are short -acting oral contraceptives?

At present, short -acting oral contraceptives commonly used on the market are already the third -generation short -acting oral contraceptives.However, whether it is the first generation of short -acting oral contraceptives, the main ingredients are estrogen and progesterone, and the dosage and type of hormones are changed.

The third -generation short -acting oral contraceptives imported and domestic imitation are currently imported on the market. Among them, estrogen is estrogen.There are many types of estrogen, but as a contraceptive pill, it must be efficient, and artificial synthetic alcohol contraceptives are good.In the early days of the listing of contraceptives, the dosage of estrogen used is high, and the estradiol will reach 105 micrograms. Nausea and vomiting will occur, and the risk of thrombosis will occur.Later, the dosage of estrogen gradually reduced. At present, the minimum dose of compound contraceptives contain 20 micrograms of estradiol, and most of the third -generation compound short -acting contraceptives on the market are 30 microgravity.And the Daying-35 that everyone often hears, this 35 refers to 35 micrograms containing estradiol.

Short -acting oral contraceptives contain aminel alcohol, and another kind of component progesterone changes into different contraceptives.The update of contraceptive pills is also mainly the update of progesterone composition.

1. The main role of estrogen and progesterone in contraceptives is to inhibit ovulation of the ovaries.Because the contraceptives contain high -efficiency hormones, so that our brain believes that there is enough estrogen elegance in the body, and the pituitary will no longer secrete over and lutein.These two hormones are promoting follicle growth and ovulation.The end result is to suppress ovulation.

2. Increased consistency of cervical mucus.This is mainly the role of progesterone.The increased consistency makes it difficult to penetrate the sperm penetration of the cervical mucus.

3. Oral contraceptives can change the speed of tubal peristalsis.

The main role of short -acting oral contraceptives is to inhibit ovulation, and the latter two are assisted. If you cannot effectively inhibit ovulation, you cannot effectively play a contraceptive effect.

The short -acting contraceptive pill was originally for contraception, but it was found to have many effects other than contraception during the application process.These functions of effective oral contraceptives make doctors more and more like to recommend to patients.So you may see that some girls who do not get married or have sex are also taking contraceptives.

1. Meridation.Many women’s menstrual cycle disorders and long cycles, menstruation in 2-3 months, even without menstruation.Come to a large menstrual flow and not stop.This situation is dangerous.Taking short-acting oral contraceptives can make your menstruation very regular. The standard 28-day time, the amount will be small, each time it lasts for 3-5 days.Short -acting oral contraceptives are the most convenient artificial cycle drugs.

2. Stop bleeding.Some adolescent girls, patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, and women who are surrounded by menstrual periods often occur with a large amount of vaginal bleeding to severe anemia.Short -acting oral contraceptives are very good hemostatic drugs.

3. Acne.Adolescent girls and even some adult women often recover acne on their faces, and acne will be upset, making beautiful girls distressed.Obstetricians and dermatologists often use short -acting oral contraceptives to treat recurrent acne.Copy acne is caused by high androgen, and there are two short -acting oral contraceptives that have a good anti -androgen effect.After three months of orally, the acne on the face will improve significantly.

4. hair removal.Mao and acne are caused by high -effects, and short -acting oral contraceptives with anti -androgen can also be treated, but it takes longer to take effect.

5. Treatment of dysmenorrhea.Many adolescent girls or adult women have serious dysmenorrhea.Every time I have menstruation, it will be painful. Some are due to endometriosis or uterine adenomia, but some young women can’t find these causes.In addition to taking painkillers during menstruation, oral short -acting and oral contraceptives is also a good treatment measure.Those who have long -term application of short -acting oral contraceptives can also prevent or reduce endometriosis and endometriosis and uterine adenomia.

6. Prevent ovarian cancer.There is a genetic cause of ovarian cancer, which is also related to ovulation.After each ovulation, ovulation pores appear ovarian. These are the bases of malignant cell planting on the fallopian tube. It may also occur during the repair process. Reducing the number of ovulation can reduce the probability of ovarian cancer.The occurrence of ovarian cancer.Of course, this role is only an attached role. Doctors will not use contraceptives to prevent ovarian cancer.

7. Prevent endometrial cancer.Those patients with menstrual periods often delayed are high -risk groups of endometrial cancer. If they can take short -acting oral contraceptives and even other progesterone contraceptives for a long time, they can effectively reduce the incidence of endometrial cancer.This is because the artificial cycle allows the endometrium to fall off regularly without excessive hyperplasia and cancer. Other contraceptives also play a role in preventing endometrial cancer because it contains a large number of progesterone.

Because of the functions of regulating menstruation, acne, hair removal, pain relief, and anti -cancer, you may see some young unmarried girls taking this medicine.Don’t see contraceptives, you want to enter Feifei, people are just cure.

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