You must see if you are pregnant!If you want to have a healthy baby, let’s take a look at the pre -pregnancy eugenics clinic

Initial communication between doctors and patients.

Red Net Moment News February 14th (Correspondent Hong Lei) my country is a high -incidence country with defects. The incidence of birth defects is about 5.6%. On average, a child with birth defects will be born every 30 seconds.For the health of yourself and his offspring, are you willing to choose "the dead sheep to make up" or "ahead of time"?Eugenics are not a strange word for us. It has always been the most longing desire for the arrival of new life. The babies who have bred healthy are the common pursuit of each parent."Pass" is an important line of defense for "planning ahead".

Over the years, CITIC Xiangya has always been committed to the cause of eugenics, and now gathers the advantages of the reproductive centers, genetic centers, andrology, obstetrics and gynecology, Chinese medicine and nutritional department, and strives to create CITIC Xiangya’s pre -pregnancy eugenic education consulting team.Youyu Consultation Clinic!

What are the categories of eugenics before pregnancy?Is the means to ensure that eugenics are only about genetic content?of course not.In fact, all control methods that can affect the ending of the mother’s pregnancy have been incorporated into the category of eugenics.The physical health education, management and guidance, the state of disease, the evaluation of high -risk pregnancy, nutritional status, psychological factors, behavior, environment, etc. are considered closely related to the health of the child.

According to people’s increasing demand for eugenics related services, the pre -pregnancy outpatient clinic provides eugenics genetic consulting services, and provides services for children with healthy people in multiple angles and all directions.

What are the eugenics consultations before pregnancy?

1. Pre -pregnancy health examination

1. Men’s pre -pregnancy medical examination and reproductive ability assessment

2. Women’s pre -pregnancy examination and reproductive ability assessment

3. Health education and guidance to prevent fetal malformations of eugenics guidance

2. Reproductive evaluation

1. Evaluation of fertility

2. Suggestions for pregnancy time

3. Recommendation and treatment of pregnancy plan

4. Reasonable suggestions for special diseases and drugs

Third, Gongsheng Genetic Consultation

1. Formation of risk screening of genetic diseases before pregnancy

2. Family genetic disease screening

3. Tumor -related genetic screening

4. Pregnancy guidance of the above problems

Fourth, pregnancy risk assessment

1. Evaluation and prevention of complications during pregnancy

2. Guidance of regular inspection during pregnancy

3. Management and suggestion of chronic disease during pregnancy

Fifth, nutrition guidance, traditional Chinese medicine conditioning

1. For patients with abnormal weight -weight patients before pregnancy and pregnancy, nutritional assessment and guidance during pregnancy

2. General nutritional guidance for patients with normal weight

3. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning

CITIC Xiangya’s two "highlights" of eugenics clinics before pregnancy: multi -disciplinary, full process.Pre -pregnancy Gongsheng Prefecture Consultation Outpatient Outpatient has the advantageous resources of a variety of disciplines such as reproductive centers, genetic centers, andrology, obstetrics and gynecology, etc., which can guarantee eugenics from each dimension. At the same time, there arePre -pregnancy outpatient clinics are escorted by your entire process!On the road of fertility, the outpatient clinic of eugenics pre -pregnancy will always be with you."To give birth, you need to be eugenic." Birth and healthy babies, starting from pre -pregnancy eugenics, fully prepare from the body, psychology, etc.On the road to scientific pregnancy and happiness, CITIC Xiangya’s miracle of life with you before pregnancy!

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