You don’t need to send away the dog!What are the precautions for "science raising dogs" during pregnancy?

According to scientific testing, dogs do not have serious impact on the fetus during pregnancy, so the dogs do not need to be pregnant if you do n’t need to get pregnant. Just pay attention to the "scientific dog raising", which is good for the body and mind of the mother and the fetus.

Precautions for raising dogs during pregnancy:

1. Before pregnancy, mothers must do a "TORCH" examination to check the pathogen that causes deformities in the congenital palace infection and perinatal infection.TO is a bowworm.R is a rubella virus.C is a giant cell.H is a simple herpes.

If T’s test is negative, that is, it has not been infected, pay attention to prevent infection and regular review.曾️ If you have been infected with positive and have antibodies in your body, you don’t have to worry about infection again.If you are infected, please treat it first.

2. Dogs also need to do bow -shaped insects, and routinely do insect deworming for bow -shaped worms. If there is no toxoplasma, it can also increase the dog’s resistance to the bowworm.

3. Pregnant women cannot eat pork, beef, lamb, venison, etc. that are raw or half -lifetime.Eat as much as possible meat, and change to a meat in each meal to ingest nutrition.孕 Deep sea fish is actually more suitable for pregnant women to supplement protein, unsaturated fat, and DHA.

4. If you do n’t touch your eyes, mouth, and nose after making contact with raw meat yourself, you must wash your hands, or you can also bring disposable gloves to protect it.

5. Clean the vegetables and eat it.

6. Try not to contact the feces of dogs and cats. Clean up this job or give it to the prospective father to do it.

Do not contact the dog "overly", try not to hold the dog, don’t let the dog lick your body and face.If it is necessary to contact the dog, be sure to clean your hands immediately!

7. Do not let the dog go to the sofa ️ to bed, do not let the dog enter the bedroom.All the dogs of pregnant women go up.The prospective dad should clean the dogs on time, combing the dog’s hair outdoors, and the hair should be cleaned multiple times a day at home. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner.

8. Dogs must be trained first!If you are not training well, send it to the school for professional training.Avoid that pregnant women are arrested and bitten.Family dogs are not worried about the spread of rabies vaccine for rabies vaccine, and they can be cleaned and disinfected by scratching injuries.If you are worried about going to a rabies vaccine, but this is not good for pregnant women and fetuses, it will also damage the nerves.

Of course, the owner wants to train your dog at home. First of all, we must wear protective equipment to avoid accidental injuries. Secondly, learning the correct training method and prepare delicious training snacks in advance.Dog desensitization, subsequent training will be much easier.The choice of snacks is also very important. Recommended pet owners to click the blue font to read the previous article: "Dog training is difficult?"Try these 8 kinds of training snacks, clean mouth, nutrition and health ""

9. Dogs and dogs must also be trained!If the pregnant woman walks the dog by itself, it is likely to be pulled down and injured, which is dangerous.Pregnant women usually pay attention to the position of the dog at home to avoid being tripped.

10. Try to let the dogs play alone and reduce the usual time to interact with the dog. If the dog has separation of anxiety, it is the best training time for training.

11. During this time, try not to let the dog eat raw and flesh. Although it is good for the cleansing of the dog’s mouth and the body, it will increase the risk of parasites such as dogs infected with bowworms.It is suggested that the owner is best for the dogs to eat healthy and nutritious dog food, which can greatly reduce the health risk of dogs and supplement them with diverse and sufficient nutrients.

Dogs who have always been used to raw meat as a staple food may not be used to, so the owner can prepare dog food with high meat content for it.The owner does not have to worry about the choice of dog food. Click the blue font to read the previous article: "Dog food is difficult to choose without you imagined, just master these points!"

Dogs do not know how to help expectant mothers prepare for pregnancy and pregnancy.The prospective dad really has to work hard to take care of his wife, dogs and babies who are about to be born.

I hope that every dog will not be sent away and abandoned when he is pregnant. I hope that every small shovel officer will also be healthy and who will love the dog who accompanies him before birth.

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