You can play mobile phones during pregnancy, but for the normal development of the fetus, you can’t play in these few times

In this society, mobile phones have always been with people, and they always do not leave their hands. This is an extremely ordinary life state, especially those pregnant mothers who have been waiting for the baby at home.

Because the pregnant mother lived very boring during this time, the mobile phone became a particularly interesting tool for her to alleviate her anxiety.Many elders say that there are too many radiation in the mobile phone that will harm the little baby.However, does their ideas have scientific basis and truth?

In fact, the substance radiated by the mobile phone is not to cause too much serious harm to the little baby in the pregnant mother’s arms, unless it is the kind of standing mobile phone every day on the stiff belly.

Then why is it still proposed that pregnant mothers need to control this problem that always play with mobile phones?Because the time is different, the harm or impact of the body of the pregnant mother is also different.

The most important time periods should not do to play mobile phones: playing with mobile phones:

1. Before sleeping

Because many interesting things in the mobile phone will completely attract the attention of the pregnant mother, they may keep them all the time, and then play until they are particularly late.If so, it may make the little baby in your arms get better rest, and staying up late will cause particularly great damage to the body of the pregnant mother.It is particularly fatal to cause serious impact on vision.

Frequent long -term staying up late and not sleeping will make the natural laws of pregnant mothers particularly disordered. Factors in all aspects of their own physical changes are multi -end. The emotional fluctuations are particularly large.Dark and boring, there will be dark circles.Little baby may always stay with her mother in her arms, so it will be harmful to the biological clock of the little baby.

2. After eating just after eating

After the pregnant mother has just finished eating, she does not move her own body, and then it is easy to continue to accumulate fat on her body. Then there will be obesity.Essence

According to each data, half of the obese pregnant women will suffer from hypertension, and 1/10 pregnant women may show proteinuria.

Therefore, in the time of pregnancy, obese pregnant women have a higher probability of disease than ordinary pregnant women.And because the fat in the pelvic cavity continues to accumulate, the space that can be used in the pelvic cavity will become smaller, which increases the probability of having difficulties to have children, and the probability of giving birth to a giant baby will also increase.

3. During this period of prenatal education for the little baby

When doing prenatal education for the little baby, try not to play your phone.Because at this time, the mobile phone will be harmful to the baby’s baby, which may occur.Moreover, the nervous system of small BABY during pregnancy is perfect, and the radiation of mobile phones will interfere with the improvement of their own functions.

Recommend the following three mobile phones:

1. From 8 o’clock in the morning to 10 o’clock

At this time after eating breakfast, the little baby is more vigorous and can communicate with them more interesting things on the Internet.

2. Two or three in the afternoon

After dinner, do a little exercise, and then look at your phone to relax.

Third, seven o’clock in the evening

There is still a while before sleeping. You can listen to some music to relieve your mood and be good for sleep.

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