Yinshi acupoint, also known as Nuangong acupoint, Wen Jing San cold acupoint, the main point of treating cold abdomen and pain

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In the Yinshi Point, its name can be seen.It is an acupuncture point for cold and dampness, and it is also a standing acupuncture point for girls.It has a good effect of warming and dispersing cold, which is an important acupuncture point for treating cold pain.Today, I will learn this amazing acupoint with you.

Yinshi acupoint belongs to the Ziyang Mingwei Sutra, which comes from the classic ancient book of traditional Chinese medicine "Acupuncture A and B Jing".The name of this acupoint represents its meaning. The yin finger is cold, and the city means gathering. Because the point is where the cold and dampness gather, the ancients called it Yinshi Point.The location of this acupoint is relatively easy to find. The ancient book "Acupuncture A A Scripture" records: "Yin City, a Yin Ding, three inches on the knee, under the rabbit, if you take it to take it."Records: "Yinshi Dangfu Rabbit is two inches down and takes it on the knee." Of course, the accurate acupoint positioning should be based on "Acupuncture".The textbook "Acupuncture" records: "Yin City is located in the front area of the stock, with 3 inches on the bottom of the bottom, and the outer edge of the straight muscle tendon.The method of acupuncture point is to flex the knees first, and go straight to the 4 horizontal fingers outside the bottom of the 髌, which is the acupuncture point.

As mentioned above, Yinshi Point is a female standing acupoint, a acupuncture point for cold and dampness, and the important point of the cold and cold pain in Wen Jing San cold.This has long been recorded in ancient Chinese doctors.Among them, "Acupuncture A Classic" contains: "Cold hernia pain, full of abdominal bloating, jets, less qi, Yin City Lord." "Acupuncture Dacheng" also records: "Cold hernia abdominal pain, Yin City, Taixi, Ganshu." ""Preparation of Qian Qian Gold" is also recorded: "The main belly of the Yin City is full, and you are less qi." As for why the Yinshi acupoint has this magical effect, this is related to the meridians and positions where the acupuncture points are located.Yinshi acupoint belongs to the Ziyangming Stomach Meridian, and has previously said that the Foot Yangming Stomach Meridian is a sutra and blood, so stimulating this acupoint can mobilize the stomach meridian qi and warm the whole body, so as to communicate with the classics.Qi and blood, warm menstruation, dispel cold, expelling wind and dehumidification.In addition, the Ziyang Ming stomach meridians follow the abdomen of the human body, so stimulating the acupuncture point of the Yin City can play a role in nourishing the abdomen meridians, thereby treating diseases such as bloating and cold pain.

Finally, I will share with you the commonly used treatment for cold pain in this acupoint.Yinshi acupoints are often treated with acupuncture and massage.However, moxibustion Fa Benxue is very useful.Just as the "Acupuncture A Classic" states: "Yinshi can’t moxibustion. Use heat and heat. If you encounter the cathode certificate, you must use it as a last resort."If the moxibustion method is used, it may change the cold characteristics of the acupoint, which will cause diseases such as insufficient gastric meridian and yin fluid.Therefore, the scriptures make a regulations on moxibustion for the Yinshi acupoint.But now there are some doctors who use moxibustion Yin City to treat abdominal pain.The acupuncture method is a very good treatment method, but non -professional people are not recommended.Massage massage is the simplest and convenient and practical treatment.Generally, the acupuncture points are pressed for 3-5 minutes with the thumb and finger belly.Then gently press the Yin City Point for 1 to 3 minutes.This can also alleviate the cold pain.

Today’s Yinshi Point will be shared with you here. I hope the article will be helpful to everyone.

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