Ying Caier shared physical changes during pregnancy: swelling, hair loss, long hairs in the belly …

Recently, a new variety show "Freshman Diary" has been released. The program focuses the camera in the star pregnant women and amateur pregnant women, and share the many changes and experiences of mothers during pregnancy.

Do not order mothers suggest that pregnant mothers and pregnant mothers go to see a lot of pregnancy.

When the mother is really hard, there is a "ghost door" in production, but in fact the whole process during pregnancy makes the mother feel painful.For 3 months of pregnancy, many pregnant women will have severe pregnancy reactions. Three mothers in 5 mothers in the second trimester will have phenomenon of puffiness on the feet.

As a person who has already given birth to a child, Ying Caier shared his production experience with your mother in the show.Ying Caier said that after pregnancy, the whole person was swollen. After giving birth, the child was swollen and did not fade, and his feet were swollen half -yard!

In addition, she also said that some mothers will lose their hair, and some mothers have the black hair of the belly …

After pregnancy, the mother’s body does have a series of changes. Today, if you don’t order, let’s talk about what changes will happen to the pregnant mother’s body, so that the pregnant mothers are ready!

A small number of pregnant mothers will have hair loss during pregnancy, but in fact, most pregnant mothers will have more strong hair during pregnancy, and the phenomenon of hair loss will appear more in the postpartum stage.

Postpartum hair loss belongs to hair loss, and more than one -third of mothers will have this hair loss.Hair loss is caused by severe changes in hormones in the body. Generally, it will stop from 6 to 9 months after delivery.Just as Ying Caier said in "The Diary of the Freshman", it will grow behind the hair. Moms don’t have to worry too much.

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers are very prone to edema.The reason is that the uterus of pregnant mothers is as large as a certain degree, and it may be compressed to vein backflow.Pregnant mothers with poor vein backflow are prone to edema at this stage.The increase in the number of gestational weeks, the phenomenon of swelling of pregnant women will become increasingly obvious.

How to determine that pregnant women are swollen rather than fat?Press the suspected puffy area with the thumb. If the skin will be significantly sunken and will not recover quickly, it means that it is edema.

It is normal for the long hairs on the stomach during pregnancy, and pregnant mothers do not have to be too panic.

Because the hormone in the body increases, the hair of pregnant mothers will be more dense during pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers will have a long hair phenomenon on the belly, especially the navel eyes are particularly dense, and even the back of the back.

The hair on the stomach during pregnancy will gradually fade back after delivery and return to pre -pregnancy state.

The original smooth belly, now it is covered with stretch marks, which is unacceptable to love pregnant mothers.

The cause of stretch marks is that the belly expansion during pregnancy exceeds the maximum limit that the skin can withstand, leading to a pregnancy phenomenon that causes the skin fiber layer to break.

Once stretch marks are generated, they will accompany their mother’s life.Over time, stretch marks will improve but will not disappear.

Therefore, don’t order mothers suggest that pregnant mothers can apply skin care products to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, so as not to let the belly grow a pattern!

The metabolites of the mother’s own metabolites during pregnancy will increase, and the fetal metabolites need to be excreted through the mother. The kidney is large, and the urine will naturally increase.However, the reason why pregnant mothers have frequent urination are that as the baby grows, his head will gradually decrease and compress the bladder, resulting in a decrease in the bladder capacity and increased the number of defecation.

SO, urine frequency phenomenon is basically inevitable during pregnancy!

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