Yi Nengjing’s pregnancy and rainy staircase climb the stairs. The five actions of pregnant women should be cautious!

On the evening of January 31st, Yi Nengjing was witnessed by the pet push of a pet cart with a puppies home.Yi Nengjing moved his heavy objects and pet cars alone to the stairs. The expectant mothers need to be careful when they are pregnant. Do not make dangerous movements because of a moment.

46 -year -old Yi Nengjing married 10 -year -old actor Qin Hao last year and became pregnant.She has stopped working in Taiwan almost in Taiwan. Recently, she revealed on Facebook that her husband returned to work in Beijing, and his son Harry was busy with school activities. Fortunately, there was a favorite family member MIU (dog) to accompany him.At the end of January, Yi Nengjing was witnessed the rain and pushed the dog home for 4 months. She lifted her hands and dogs upstairs in the second place. She was really an independent pregnant woman.

The following is the five major dangerous actions, expectant mothers must be cautious!

Pregnant women do 5 movements:


When you ca n’t get a high place, most people are accustomed to stretching the tip of the foot, but the tip of the foot can make the body lose balance. In addition, when the items at the high place are afraid of falling on the items, they will grasp the whole body and grasp the whole body.Items, this is a dangerous movement for pregnant women with big belly. In case they accidentally fall or be hit by the items that may be dropped.

2. Climbing high

When some mothers clean up the house, they can’t help climbing to wipe the windows or air -conditioners in high places; or climb to the attic to collect some items.Because pregnant women have a poor physical coordination response, the greatest danger of climbing is that they are afraid to accidentally step on the air and fall down, and they may also collide with the stomach to climb up and down, which will hurt themselves and fetuses, so they must pay special attention.

3. Qiao Erlang legs

Many people are accustomed to raising Erlang’s legs as soon as they sit down, and their legs have a long time. In addition to affecting the blood circulation of the lower limbs, it will also affect the body’s sitting position. For pregnant women who are prone to lower limbs and back pain, they will affect the impact.It will be more serious.Therefore, please remember that you should not be able to stir Erylang’s legs during pregnancy!

4. Lift heavy objects and hold children

If pregnant women have signs of miscarriage or when they are close to the due date, suddenly they are too hard to lift heavy objects or improperly holding children, which may make the abdomen excessively force, increase the possibility of abortion or early production;When things or holding children, the body of the pregnant woman must back up to maintain balance, because improper posture may also make the problem of back pain and back pain more serious.

5. Squat or kneel to do housework

Some pregnant women are used to squatting or kneeling to rub the floor or wash clothes. If you suddenly stand up, you should pay attention to dizziness and darkness in front of him, and may fall.In addition, in the late pregnancy period, the stomach becomes a lot. If you still squat or kneel, it is easy to compress the stomach, and when you want to stand up, it is usually difficult to apply for strength, and you need to help others.

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