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Recently, with the adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policies, more and more people are worried about what to do with the new crown?The obstetric consultation telephone number came one after another. As a special group, pregnant women are particularly concerned about the related content of the epidemic, and the degree of anxiety and panic can be imagined.The editor compiled the precautions of how pregnant women diagnose and treat, home isolation, and home protection. I hope to help you.

1. What should I do if I have a fever or infection with the new crown?

1. Pregnant women who have a fever or infection with new crowns must first rest more and drink more water and eat well.If you have a loss of appetite, you can eat less meals, but to ensure energy and nutrition.

2. Relieve symptoms:

(1) Anti -heating:

a. Drink plenty of water and ventilate in the house.Avoid fever by covering sweat, so as not to cause body fluid loss, dehydration, electrolyte balance disorders!

b. When the body temperature is lower than 38 ° C, the method of physical cooling can be used.Wipe the bath at 27-37 ° C, and wipe the bath to make the blood vessels expand and conduct heat dissipation to achieve the purpose of cooling.It is recommended that warm water wet the towel to half dry and wipe the forehead, neck, underarms, groin, hands and feet, and movement.

c. When the body temperature is higher than 38-38.5 ° C, it is recommended to take the acetaminophenol to heat up.No more than 4 times in 24 hours, avoid taking the same drugs with the same ingredients at the same time.

It is not recommended to use ibuprofen to degenerate.

(2) Symptoms: You can take cough and expectorant therapy.It can atomize, physiological saline nose spray.

3. It is recommended to try home isolation as much as possible, and it is not recommended to go to the hospital blindly.

4. If there is high fever during home, the treatment of drugs is ineffective, the symptoms are worse, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding flow, abnormal fetal movement, or other situations you are not sure, please go to the doctor in time!Even if the new crown is positive, we will take treatment.

5. You can download the "Palm of Xuanwu Hospital" APP (due to the system upgrade, old users need to re -download the APP.), Click "Internet diagnosis and treatment" to consult online.More than ten experienced obstetrics and gynecologists took online consultation.

2. How can a maternal isolate home?

1. Maternal maternal infected with the new crown is recommended to live alone in a separate room and a separate bathroom.The room is closed to open the window to ventilate.Prepare masks, thermometers, disinfection gloves, disinfection paper towels, and lids in the room.

2. Patients divide their meals with their families, and the tableware is cleaned and disinfected separately.When family members and patients need to contact, they are advised to wear N95 masks and keep a distance of more than 2 meters.

3. Clean and disinfect the bathroom.

4. The family is in contact with the patient’s vomit, excretion, and the N95 mask should be worn when dealing with garbage, one -time gloves, and washed their hands frequently.The room opens the window to ventilate and disinfection.

3. How to protect and manage health at home?

1. Maternal women should do a good job of self -protection.Measted body temperature every day, do not gather, do not visit each other, and keep a distance of more than 1 meter when communicating with people.Wash your hands frequently, use the daily necessities such as utensils, tableware, bedding, etc. to avoid cross -infection.Open the windows 2-3 times a day, not less than 30 minutes each time.

2. Pregnant women should pay attention to health monitoring.Monitor body temperature and blood pressure (it is recommended to bring its own electronic sphygmomanometer, and ordinary pregnant women are recommended once a week. High -risk pregnant women are recommended to measure blood pressure daily. The normal blood pressure of pregnant women is that the systolic blood pressure is lower than 140 mmHg and the diastolic pressure is lower than 90mmHg.), Fetal heart (can be brought to your own (can be brought by yourselfFetal instrument), weight (weight increases by about 0.5 kg per week in the middle and late pregnancy, varies from person to person to the weight index before pregnancy).Pay attention to the baby’s fetal movement. If the fetal movement appears significantly or weakened, you must go to the doctor in time.

3. Proper movement in indoor and persist in exercise.

4. Reasonable diet, meat and vegetables, coarse and fine grains, eat less spicy, greasy and high -sugar and high -salt food.

5. Do not stay up late.

6. Maintaining an optimistic and confident mentality and full and positive mental state are the inherent support of improving immunity.This is important.

4. What should we pay attention to when going to the hospital for a pregnant woman?

1. Please make an appointment in advance.Pregnant women and family members please wear N95 or KN95 masks (do not wear masks with air valves) to keep warm.On the way to the hospital, try to avoid taking public transport and pay attention to safety.

2. In order to prevent and control the epidemic, please cooperate with the staff to do a good job of pre -examination, scan the flow code, and keep the distance from control. Thank you for your support and understanding.

3. Do a good job of protecting. During the hospital, please and your family to wear medical masks all the way, enter the hospital, reduce the accompanying personnel, pay attention to keeping 1 meter distance during the consultation, sitting at a distance between the waiting time, and keeping a doctor in the diagnosis room.

4. You can carry disinfection or disinfecting and disinfect hands in time.Do not contact the mouth, nose, and eyes before disinfection.

5. Please leave the hospital in time.After returning home, handle the mask properly, change clothes in time, wash your hands and wash your face.

5. Focus Questions and Answers:

1. Is it easier to infect the new crown during pregnancy?

Answer: The risk of women infection during pregnancy will not increase.However, after pregnant women infection, the risk of pregnancy complications will increase.And pregnant women with high risk pregnant women, such as old, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, anemia, and immune system diseases have increased the possibility of severe illnesses.So pay more attention to protection.

2. Will the new crown infection during pregnancy?

Answer: The current research and data show that the probability of spreading the new crown palace during pregnancy is extremely low.According to the data of uptodate, the chance of neonatal infection is less than 2%.But baby may be infected after birth.

3. Can pregnant women have a new crown, can they still give birth?

Answer: The choice of new crown -positive pregnant women’s childbirth methods is mainly based on obstetric indicators.The risk of newborn infection is very low.Under the premise of protecting the protection, normal delivery and delivery are relatively safe.If the pregnant woman itself has an obstetric indicator or a new crown pneumonia and complications, the cesarean section is recommended.

4. Can mothers infection during lactation?

Answer: You can use medicine.Antipyretic heating can be used to use acetaminol and ibuprofen.Can be treated symptomatically.

Review: Zhou Qi

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