Xie Naihuai immediately cut her hair. Why did women almost cut their hair short after pregnancy?

Some time ago, Xie Na posted a photo of her short hair on Weibo, and wrote the text: I have cut my hair short because of the good baby in the belly.

Xie Na announced the good news of her second child, and received the blessing of countless netizens and friends in the circle for a while.

However, her hair cut her hair, which caused a lot of Mom’s feelings. Many Baoma said that when she was pregnant, she also cut her long hair ruthlessly for her children.

Perhaps in the eyes of men, cutting hair is not unusual, that is, they cannot understand the obsession of women’s hair.

For women, sometimes changing a hairstyle is like changing a face, which makes people feel new.At the same time, a flowing hair requires them to take care and maintenance for a long time. The effort and energy of the input cannot be calculated.

A long hair and long hair need to be raised at least 5 years!

Knowing a classmate, the standard black long straight, usually the most baby’s own long hair, and carefully put the hair aside when sleeping, for fear of breaking.

But when she was pregnant, she still resolutely cut her hair. When she cut it, she cried on the spot when she saw her hair.

So why do pregnant women do not give up like long hair, but do they still cut their hair without hesitation?In other words, is it necessary for pregnant women to cut short hair?

The reason for a small part of pregnant mothers is to be afraid that the hair will grab nutrition with the baby in the belly. In fact, if it is only for this reason, there is no need to cut short hair.

The growth of hair really requires certain nutrients, but how much it needs to be related to the hair length.Because the hair grows from the root, as long as your hair has been growing, you will always need nutrition.

The nourishment that the hair needs to be a little bit of nutrients can not be threatened to the fetus.The most important thing is that the hair of the hair is cut, which belongs to the part that has been "vertical", and how to consume nutrition in itself.

However, there are some reasons for pregnant women to cut their hair!

01 丨

It is not convenient to take care of long hair during pregnancy

The longer the hair, the easier it is to knot, so women with long hair need to spend a certain time to take care of each day, and the process of taking care of it requires patience and time, but after women are pregnant, they don’t have so much energy to take care of it.It’s right.

02 丨

Washing hair is more inconvenient

The hair is long, which means that it takes more time to wash her hair, but because the pregnant woman has a baby in her belly, it is not convenient to clean up her hair by themselves.

Especially in the third trimester, the stomach becomes larger, and it is impossible for pregnant women to take such a long time to wash their hair.Even if it is early pregnancy, bending over for a long time will cause the waist to damage the waist, which is not good for the baby.

03 丨

Blowing hair is inconvenient

I believe that women who have left long hair and short hair have a deep understanding, that is, the time to dry the long hair is far greater than the short hair.It may be possible to dry the hair in 5 minutes when the hair is short, but the long hair takes 30 minutes.

This huge time difference makes it easier for pregnant women to catch a cold because of wet hair for a long time, affecting the health of themselves and the fetus.

It is indeed good for cutting hair during pregnancy, but if there is really no reluctance, there is no need to cut it, but in the process of pregnancy, Baoma needs to pay more attention to it.And hair is not a one -time product. This time, it is short. In the future, it can grow back. Do not affect your mood because of your hair!

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