Xie Naiguan Xuanhuai’s second child, 2021 must be a year full of love

I regret why I didn’t see Xie Na’s figure at the New Year’s Eve party, so I ushered in good news!

Yesterday, Nana posted a photo of her short hair on Weibo, and in the text, the officials were promoted to the good news of the second child.

Her husband Zhang Jie also came out to interact with his wife for the first time, and reposted: "Thank you Nana, ready to get the name!"

By the way, Xie Na has been rumored to have been pregnant again for a while. In recent months, I have been wearing loose dresses in the fast book. They have also been carefully taken care of by the people around them. In addition, the absence of the New Year’s Eve party, all details have revealed that Nana ’s pregnancy is re -pregnancy.Now that the official announcement, Sister Bar Sister gives a sentence "Congratulations" first!

Speaking of which, Jexana, a couple who has been married for 9 years, has always made people have a love period.

He Yan once commented on the stage of "The Story of Qi Qi": "Their marriage should not be calculated based on the age. I think their current momentum, they may want to engage in a few life."

In private, Zhang Jie and Xie Na really discussed this topic seriously: If the two people meet again in the next life, what gestures do they want to recognize each other.For the two people who really love each other, it is probably not enough for a lifetime ~

In an uncertain future

I always love you

Many years ago, when Zhang Jie and Xie Na publicly had a public relationship, many people said they were not worthy.Many years later, when Zhang Jie and Xie Na made a good news of the second child, no one said that they were not worthy.

Unlike many couples in the entertainment industry, Xie Na and Zhang Jie like to share their love stories and life, just like seeing us in our lives, and life never covers.

When Zhang Jie participated in many variety shows alone, he could only show affection at 360 degrees without a dead end with his own mouth.

After seeing the show where the two people participated together, they realized that Zhang Jie did not deliberately change through learning, just because the people around him were Xie Na.

Zhang Jie next to Xie Na is always soft, just like the words posted by his circle of friends: "You in my lens and you in your lens, in short, your brains are full of you."

Jie Ge will tell Nana’s sleeping story when he is insomnia, and he will worry about the trivial matters in his life. He said that he is "used to waiting, used to share with Nana."

To what extent can Zhang Jie’s concern?I knew that Xie Na was also a master of cooking, but she couldn’t help worrying when she saw her picking up her knife. Every time she cut it, she reminded her to cut it slowly.

I do n’t know if she sweats, but the paper towels have already been prepared. I opened Xie Na and Liu Hai to see it. Sure enough, she had already “sweat scum”, and then gently wiped her.

In the face of Xie Na, who loves to get lost, Zhang Jie will tie a balloon on Xie Na’s bag while shopping together, so no matter how far Nana goes, she has always been in his eyes.

Huang Lei lamented that Jie Ge took Nana as a child to love. Jie Ge said, "No, no, she is not an adult, she is a child."

In the past, my sister always felt that Zhang Jie’s soil love words were so numb that made people goosebumps, but every sentence when he and Xie Na were together, they could be treated equivalent to love words, because they were the world’s world.

Xie Na asked: When will you take pictures?

Zhang Jie replied: If you like you, you like taking pictures.

Because you like it, I like it.

Xie Na said: I cook like the Tiangong.

Zhang Jie said: You are Sun Wukong.

Xie Na said: I am Sun Wukong, what are you?

Zhang Jie said: Tang Seng.

No matter who you are, I have to be the one next to you.

Even if you have been together for more than ten years, a small surprise romance can return to the sweetness and shyness when you first met in one second.

In front of Jie Ge, Nana has always been a little girl full of appreciation, worship and dependence.When doing high -altitude challenges, I was afraid that I would sing Jie Ge’s song unconsciously to cheer myself.

In the base camp, as long as the show group puts Jie Ge’s song, Nana will definitely rush to the first.

Zhang Jie has a new work, and Nana is more actively Zhang Luo listened on Weibo on Weibo.

She looked at his singing eyes still the little fan girl more than ten years ago. She didn’t want to remove it for a second, and never changed.

And the singer always likes to hide all affection in a song, and wants to sing this love to exclusive people.

I do n’t know when, Sister Baks listened to Zhang Jie ’s song again, and felt that he sang each song as a love song and sang each song to Nana.

the world is huge

Ever -changing

You are the only fixed number, right?

… …

Lover, don’t be afraid of me, don’t be afraid

Each lyrics can feel the kind of love over overflowing headphones.

Three -year pain seven years of itch

They have become jokes here

Now when it comes to Zhang Jie and Xie Na’s four words, it is equivalent to talking about happiness and sweetness.This couple who has never been in the show of the love is really what everyone thinks.

Since the two people announced their marriage in 2011, Zhang Jie and Xie Na have never forgotten every anniversary. Every year, every year, they will leave a sweet confession on Weibo.

happy first anniversary.

In the second anniversary, I am grateful to have you and walk with me.

In the third anniversary, she was the "Na" I wanted.


The seventh anniversary, we are better!In the future, I have always been with you!

In the eighth anniversary, 926 loves girls!It’s always happy!

The ninth anniversary is long.

Although Sister Baks always said that the dog abuse was always said, in fact, looking at the two of them was so happy, they really were happy to be in their hearts.

Once upon a time, they were also misunderstood and ridiculed, and the rumors of three or five times pushed into the cusp.After 9 years of marriage, the rumors about Xie Na Zhang Jie’s divorce have been circulating on the Internet, and the two chose to love each other all the way to the end, using action to break rumors of all marriage changes.

When some people questioned them divorce, Nana responded generously: "We have burned a marriage certificate and cannot be separated from marriage." A joke emphasized that he had "no retreat". They firmly believed that they were the one who accompanied each other in this life.Essence

Do you say that marriage is really the grave of love?The answer is "NO".

The long -term love is that I know you have chosen me in my life, and I just chose you.We attract each other, but we can snuggle and support in mutual worship.

Xie Na was pregnant and had children. Zhang Jie said that he knew that a woman was actually the least insecure when she was pregnant, so he pushed out a lot of work to accompany her.

Nana couldn’t sleep well. She often woke up in the early morning, and Zhang Jie accompanied Xie Na to the balcony. The two people wore a blanket and stood one stop.

Nana did not go out for a long time, and she longed for the outside world, and Zhang Jie drove her to take a ride to see the blue sky outside.

Similarly, when Zhang Jie needs her, Xie Na will pay without reservation.

Zhang Jie said in the show that he had had depression, and because he was constantly attacked by the Internet, he opened a Weibo trumpet to vent his emotions. Xie Na stayed with him and helped him through the low tide.

"Some people say that the probability of two people in love is 0.000049. Thanks to the probability of this 0.000049 to become 100% love on us." This is the 10th anniversary of love, and Xie Na wrote a letter to Zhang Jie.

It is love to make them the weakness of each other, and also give them a facing unknown armor.

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