Xie Dong performed home, the younger 22 -year -old wife hosted a feast intimately.

In the evening of April 26, Xie Dong, a senior mainland singer, updated a dynamic on the social network, and attached the text saying that "the performance is back, the daughter -in -law will give me the wind (wash the dust)", the old husband and wife deliberately set up a banquet at home, togetherEating barbecue and drinking beer, full of ritual!In the video, Tan Jingyi, the second pregnant mother, said boldly: "I wish my husband a successful performance, my husband has worked hard, accompany you for a supper!"

Looking at Xie Dong ’s social account dynamics, he found that he (24) and had a lot of money with his old friend Chi Zhiqiang the day before. He sang a famous work" Smile Face "on the stage.Erbao makes milk powder in advance.Interestingly, when the netizen ridiculed Xie Dong’s exit fee of only "five or six thousand", he mocked himself as "fifty or sixty", but according to the market, there were about 20,000.

As we all know, Xie Dong has been silent for many years since the "three advances and three outs" of illegal incidents in 2007, and his acting career slowly began to go downhill.He returned to the stage of singing again. As he grew older and his singing skills were not as good as before, he could only rely on eating old -fashioned low -cost business performances.Xie Dong has worked hard to return outside, and Xiaojiao’s wife also prepared a wine banquet at home in advance.

During the meeting, Tan Jingyi not only filled with her husband, but also filled with beer, regardless of her baby in the belly.At this time, Xie Dong asked his wife’s face with a doubt: "You have been pregnant for more than 5 months, can you drink beer?"Tan Jingyi responded to "it doesn’t matter, this wine did not measure", and then he drank and eaten the barbecue in front of him. The pregnant mother was very bold.

However, many netizens below the comment area still reminded that "pregnant women cannot drink". Even if it is marked "no alcohol accuracy", it actually contains some, which is not good for the baby’s health in the belly.In addition, some netizens were curious about Xie Dong’s wife’s pregnant belly, and left a message saying, "This belly is more than 5 months as if it is about to give birth." Looking closely at Tan Jingyi’s pregnant belly, the belly is really as big as a bonito.

Perhaps it was different customs and different constitutions. The Xie Dong couple did not seem to care about the criticism on the Internet. At the end of last month (March), she also dinner with friends such as Wang Luyao, Shu Yaoxuan, Li Chen, etc.In addition, on the 5th of the month (April), Xie Dong brought his wife and children to sweep the grave for his parents; the pregnant wife Tan Jingyi did not avoid the suspicion and directly knelt down. Xie Dong prayed to bless Erbao to be born smoothly.

It is reported that at the age of 60, Xie Dong and 22 -year -old wife Tan Jingyi were buried in the sunroof in 2018. The following year (2019) gave birth to a crystallization of love.Zi, gratifying!It is worth mentioning that the matchmaker of Xie Dong and Tan Jingyi is Hou Baolin’s son Hou Yaohua. At a new wedding banquet, Hou Yaohua delivered a speech as the man’s family, which is intriguing!(Picture source network, infringement must be deleted)

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