Xiao San was pregnant with her husband divorced her husband. Her husband found that his son was not born, and wanted to remarry with his ex -wife

Mr. Jiang was my former neighbor. He was a successful man. Although he was born in the countryside and his family was poor, Mr. Jiang was a very advanced person.After graduating from college, he went to Shenzhen to develop. After several years of hard work, he worked seriously and was practical. He soon was recognized by colleagues and was appreciated by leaders.Mr. Jiang became the deputy president of the unit and his future was bright.

Mr. Jiang is young and promising, just like a stand -alone, and gets the admiration of many women around him. At an accidental party, Mr. Jiang met a young and beautiful girl. The girl just graduated from graduate from graduate and walked out of the school gate. She was 15 smaller than Mr. Jiang 15.age.Girls are vigorous and can speak and have culture. This has made Mr. Jiang’s unlimited reveries. He couldn’t bear the excitement of his heart and expressed his love to the girl.

Girls are also greedy for Mr. Jiang’s status and connections, and they are deeply caught in love.

Later, they rented a house outside. After half a year, the girl told Mr. Jiang that she was pregnant.Mr. Jiang was very happy after hearing it. He said that he must give girls a name.

In the face of his wife, Mr. Jiang felt very guilty. When he proposed to his wife to divorce, in order to make up for the guilt of his wife and daughter, he chose to go out to the house.All three sets of elevator rooms were given to mother and daughter.

After the divorce, Mr. Jiang quickly married the girl. The second month of the marriage gave Mr. Jiang a big fat son.Mr. Jiang was very happy at middle age, and he cared for his son.

In order to thank his wife for giving him a son, Mr. Jiang took out one -third of his shares and bought a 5 million house for his son’s name.The wife couldn’t hold her mouth with a smile.

When his son was learning, Mr. Jiang personally took his son to the park to play. The son accidentally injured and shed a lot of blood.Mr. Jiang personally sent his son to the hospital. After a series of examinations and blood drawing tests, Mr. Jiang found that his son’s blood type was completely different from himself.He suddenly became doubtful and secretly took his son to do parent -child identification.

As a result, his son was really not born of himself. Mr. Jiang was very painful and annoyed.He asked his wife what was going on without mercy?The wife told him that the classmate would meet the first love boys in high school and couldn’t help but have a relationship with him.

Later, I became pregnant, and I always felt that my child could not be that person.Mr. Jiang was particularly angry after hearing. He slap his wife directly. He could not forgive the current wife and divorced.His wife is unwilling to pay 5 million real estate, and is still in lawsuits.

Mr. Jiang was very regretful, but the original family was torn by him, and he wanted to return to his ex -wife and daughter.

He has been looking for his ex -wife many times, but his ex -wife has never forgiven him.The ex -wife thinks that the broken container will never return to the original no matter how you repair it.She doesn’t want to let herself feel like a flies.

Mr. Jiang did not give up and pursued his ex -wife again and again.Family, do you think his ex -wife wants to forgive Mr. Jiang?

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