Xi’an Daxing Hospital: Pregnant women suddenly bleed the placenta early in the morning, and the multi -disciplinary 38 -minute rapid rescue

On May 24th, at 01:12 am, the 5G Medical Command Center of Xi’an Daxing Hospital received a 120 emergency report:

"Ms. Zhang, a pregnant woman, is 28 years old and has hypertension during pregnancy. Now 30 weeks of pregnancy+6 days, severe abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding with severe abdominal pain requires emergency treatment and notify obstetrics and emergency ultrasound emergency consultations."

4 minutes later (01:16), obstetrician Zhao Na quickly arrived at the emergency department and waited for pregnant women.

10 minutes later (01:22), Ms. Zhang, a pregnant woman, was delivered to the emergency department. The blood had been soaked in the cushion under her. The face was not bloodless, and her blood pressure was as high as 210/120mmHg. She was in critical condition!

The ultrasound doctor Yuan Huan followed the pregnant woman and arrived at the emergency rescue room.

Dr. Zhao Na’s physical examination found: "The uterine tension is large, the typical plate -shaped abdomen, it is hard like a stone, comprehensive symptoms such as hypertension during pregnancy, I immediately judged that the placenta was peeled early."

The B -ultrasound showed that the placenta was thickened and confirmed that Zhao Na’s judgment -the placenta was stripped early, the situation was dangerous, and emergency surgery was required.

The hospital immediately launched an emergency cesarean section plan, opened the green channel of pregnant women, and quickly coordinated the operating room, neonatal department, blood transfusion department and other related departments.

01:34, all pre -operative preparations were prepared, and Ms. Zhang, a pregnant woman, was sent to the operating room.The obstetric director Jiang Xiaomang and the newborn team are ready.

At 01:50, a 2 catty and 4 dual baby girls were delivered smoothly.At this moment, the placenta has been completely separated from the uterine cavity, and the blood clot and accumulation of the uterine cavity reached 500ml. The newborn condition is in good condition. Due to premature birth, it is transferred to neonatal monitoring.

Because of the timely operation, Ms. Zhang also turned to safety, and her blood pressure gradually stabilized.

This "5G" speed of life rescue is only 38 minutes from 120 to the fetal delivery.

After the surgery, Ms. Zhang’s mother and daughter recovered well. The mother has now recovered and was discharged from the hospital. The baby is growing up slowly.

It is reported that that night, the obstetrician was busy with the night and welcomed the arrival of 4 new lives, all of which were premature birth and the situation was dangerous.

Thanks to the timely rescue of the medical care, the strong brave and brave of the pregnant mothers and the trust of their family members, fortunately, are shocked, and mother and baby are safe.

After 20 weeks of pregnancy or childbirth, the placenta in the normal position before the fetal delivery, part or all from the uterine wall, which is called the placenta prematurely.

Placental peeling is a serious complication in the late pregnancy. It is urgent and progressive. If it is not handled in time, it can endanger mothers’ lives.

to this end

Director Jiang Xiaomang wants to remind you of pregnant mothers

Please go to the hospital regularly

Accept a standardized production inspection

Strictly control blood pressure during pregnancy

If there is abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, flow fluid

Special circumstances

Don’t drag!Please seek medical treatment in time!

May every expectant mother can

Ping peace and smooth production!

Source: Xi’an Daxing Hospital

Writing/production: Yu Jieyi

Review: Lei Xiao

Responsible editor: Liu Shuhai

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