Wu Zetian and Li Shimin were not pregnant for 12 years. Why did he be pregnant as soon as he married Li Zhi?The reason is not difficult to guess

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Talking about a generation of Queen Wu Zetian, the first thing we all thought of was her strong career. In the feudal society with husband as the outline, the woman successfully reached the highest peak of power with the woman, and became the only one since ancient times.The emperor.Under her governance, the glory of the Tang Dynasty continued.The historian also praised the rule of Zhenguan.

Of course, in addition to affirming her political achievements, she is also very curious about her personal life experience, especially the story with Li’s father and son.

According to historical records, Wu Zetian was seen by Tang Taizong at the age of 14 and was called into the palace as talented.However, it is confusing that she has not given birth to a half -year -old daughter from the age of fourteen to the twelve years of Li Shimin’s collapse.However, it was not long before Li Zhi’s income was pregnant.

The reason for this can not help but make people think of it.So what causes this situation?

In ancient feudal society, the simplest criteria for judging a concubine were unable to be favored.Obviously, Wu Zetian did not reach the two standard passing lines during the period of Tang Taizong.Maybe some people want to question, saying that Wu Zetian is beautiful, and Tang Taizong himself has given his name "Mei Niang" in person. Isn’t it favored?Actually it really can’t be considered.

Wu Zetian’s enters the palace is not the encounter of Li Shimin during the inspection during the inspection.In fact, Wu Zetian could enter the palace to rely on her mother Yang.At that time, there was a force in the Tang Taizong harem that could not be underestimated. This was the concubine from the Yang family:

Yin Fei Yang was the daughter of Emperor Sui Yang; although De Fei was surnamed Yan, she was a granddaughter of the Yang family; Princess Qi, the former, almost became the queen, not to mention some other Yang’s concubine.Therefore, Wu Zetian entered the palace as a woman outside Yangmen, and it was likely that the concubine from Yang’s family pushed behind her.

However, Wu Zetian of the flower season girl really fights.Although the green is ignorant, the beauty of the beauty shows the beginning.Beauty like flowers and bones, who did not see it?The same is true for Tang Taizong. As soon as he entered the palace, he was named the talented person of the five grades, and he was also named "Wu Mei Niang".But Tang Taizong’s love for Wu Mei Niang was limited to this.

Because the year before Wu Mei Niang entered the palace, the emperor of the eldest grandson who had a deep love with Tang Taizong had just passed away.Li Shimin believes that everyone has heard of his wife’s feelings.After his wife’s death, Tang Taizong also violated the regular example and took the children born to Queen Grandma to educate himself under his knees. He was reluctant to give them to other concubines.

That is to say, Wu Mei Niang’s time to enter the palace is very unfortunate, just during the period when Tang Taizong missed his wife’s emotions.Perhaps when she first entered the palace, Tang Taizong looked at her beauty and felt fresh for a few times.But as soon as the fresh strength passed, Wu Mei Niang was left behind.The emperor’s harem never lacks fresh beauty.

What’s more, one thing that happened later made Tang Taizong’s impression of Wu Mei Niang fell again.This is the famous "Lion Cycling incident".

The Lion was the name of a horse during the Tang Taizong period.According to legend, because the horse’s hair was like a lion, it called this name.This horse is very tall and mighty, but unfortunately, it is violent, and ordinary people dare not approach.

One day, Tang Taizong took the concubines to see the horse.Speaking of this horse, he shook his head and sighed: "Although the horse is good, no one can tame. Unfortunately!" The concubines beside him heard this silently. Only the young Wu Mei Niang stood out and said loudly: "

"Your Majesty, I can subdue it! But I need three things: first, iron whip; second, hammer; third, dagger."

When Tang Taizong heard it, he was startled. There were nothing that were tamed with the same horses. He was busy asking how Wu Zetian would use these things.Who knows that the good -looking girl in front of him answered with a smile:

"Your Majesty, this horse’s personality is so fierce that you must hide it with special means. I first pump it with an iron whip. If it does not accept it, I will use a hammer to hammer its head. If it does not accept it, I will stabit."

Wu Mei Niang originally meant to express herself. Who knew that Tang Taizong did not like such a ruthless woman. She didn’t know what to say for a while, and she could only perfunctory a few words. There was no reward.In fact, looking at the concubines of the Emperor’s harem, the inconsistent is not gentle and gentle, soft and soft, and the woman who is in the world like the eldest grandson.

But Wu Zetian showed not.

Therefore, Wu Zetian was not pleasing to Tang Taizong, so he has not given birth to the emperor for a long time, and he has no promotion.But in contrast to the formation, Li Zhi, the son of Emperor Taizong, likes Wu Mei Niang.

The first meeting of Li Zhi and Wu Mei Niang should be the most powerful period of Tang Taizong’s illness.As the prince, Li Zhi served Tang Taizong, but at this time he looked right with his aunt.Wu Zetian himself is also clear.As long as the Emperor Taizong died, he might feel that he might be accompanied by blue lanterns.

How could she be ambitious, how could she sit still, so she had to go and danger to find another way for herself.

Climbing the prince Li Zhi is an opportunity.Therefore, she took the initiative to send Qiu Bo to Li Zhi when she had something to do. She was a few years old. Li Zhi, who faced her childhood bereavement and carelessly, was more attractive, so the two quickly hooked together.However, after Tang Taizong’s death, Li Zhi did not have the courage to stop Wu Zetian from being sent to the temple.

Wu Zetian was certainly unwilling, and she had been shaved. She decided to work harder.When she knew that when Tang Taizong’s death, Li Zhi, who had become the emperor, would definitely come to feel the incense of the temple.On May 26 of the first year of Yonghui, it was the anniversary of Tang Taizong, and Li Zhi came.

Looking at the beauty of tears in front of him, thinking of the little bit of the two who had been in the Tang Palace before, Li Zhi finally made up his mind to take the people from the temple.

But taking Wu Zetian back was not Li Zhidong’s hand, but Li Zhi’s queen Wang.Wu Zetian was still waiting for the news of Li Zhi at Senye Temple, but unexpectedly met the Queen Wang’s person.Wu Mei Niang thought that this person was sent by the queen to warn herself, but who knew that the man said to her, "The queen lets you put your hair first."

It turned out that after Tang Gaozong returned from Xunye Temple, he was thinking about how to pick up Wu Zetian from the temple.Although it was already the respect of the Ninth Five -Year Plan, as far as the Tang Dynasty officials were "hard" that they hit the pillars, Li Zhi was not good at picking up people.Unexpectedly, Li Zhi frowned every day, sighing.

This appearance was naturally seen by the queen, and after asking, I realized what her husband thought.How could she know that she was not angry, but vowed to assure Li Zhi that it was given to her.In fact, the queen also has her own small abacus in her heart.

Although she and Li Zhi have been husband and wife for many years, she has never conceived her child.At the same time, Li Zhi also had Xiao Shufei around him.Xiao Shufei was quite loved by Li Zhi, and gave birth to two daughters and one son for him.His son Li Sujie was named Yong Wang at a young age.The title is not simple, and its status is a little lower than the prince.

This made the queen very worried. After learning that Wu Zetian’s existence, he suddenly felt a lot of heart.She helped Li Zhi to pick up Wu Zetian back to the palace, so that she could win the emperor’s favor, but also had an opponent for the powerful Xiao Shufei.In the view of the queen, a former abandoned concubine with no background will not shake his status even if he has the love of the emperor.

Obviously, the queen still underestimated Wu Zetian’s ambitions and means.

All in all, Wu Zetian was brought back to the palace under the arrangement of the queen.Soon, she was pregnant with Li Zhi’s child.This year, Wu Zetian was 28 years old, and this age was barely considered to be an old woman.But with Li Zhi’s love for herself, her child is far more than one.

So how many children are there in Wu Zetian?History books recorded that Wu Zetian had four sons and three daughters, but not every child was born.There is such an emperor’s mother, and the fate of these children is bumpy.

Li Hong was born in 652 and was the eldest son of Wu Zetian and Li Zhi. At this time, Wu Zetian had not become a queen, but only Li Zhi’s Zhaoyi.Compared to a strong mother, Li Hongzi is soft and kind, and more like father Li Zhi.

This is this character that makes Li Zhi like him very much, and even set him into a prince to inherit Dai in the future.Unfortunately, Li Hong has suffered from lung disease since he was a child. He has a weak body and often needs to take medicine.At the age of 23, he went to Luoyang temporarily with Li Zhi and Wu Zetian, but died inexplicably in the palace.

Some people speculate that he died of illness, because Li Hong was not good since he was a child, and it was not a longevity of longevity; but some people said that Li Hong was poisoned by his own mother, Wu Zetian.The reason is that he and Wu Zetian’s political opinions are inconsistent, and he does not agree with his mother to intervene in the government.No matter how the son died, Li Zhi performed sadly, and even sealed him as the emperor, the temple name was Yizong.

To say that Li Zhi really loves Wu Zetian. Not long after the eldest son of the two died, Li Zhi established the two sons of the two Li Xian as the prince.Li Xianren is a virtuous prince like his name.He and his elder brother Li Hong have a common view that he is very disgusted with his mother Wu Zetian, which has led to the sharp deterioration of the relationship between the mother and the child.

Coupled with the words of the harem at that time, Li Xian was not Wu Zetian’s biological, but the illegitimate child of Li Zhi and Wu Zetian’s sister Korean lady.Wu Zetian had a murderer because of his annoyance to his sister, and the child was hugged by her to raise it by her knees.Regardless of whether others believe it, Li Xian seems to believe it.

Later, Li Xian’s residence was searched out of the armor, and Li Zhi imprisoned him in Changan.During the time when Li Xian was banned, General Qiu Shenji had visited, but it didn’t take long for Li Xian to commit suicide.Because Qiu Shenji is a person of Wu Zetian, all the later generations have always said that Wu Zetian forced Li Xian.

But the truth is not recorded in history books, so it is not easy to conclude.

Li Xian ranks third in Wu Zetian’s son, and is also the Tang Zhongzong we know.It is said that he looks like his grandfather Li Shimin, so he was given the title of British King.Li showed the favorite son of Wu Zetian and Li Zhi, who died in the elder brother Li Hong. After the second brother Li Xian was abolished, he succeeded the prince.Later, after Li Zhi’s death, Shunlun Lili inherited the throne.

But this emperor is also an empty shelf, and the government has been controlled by Wu Zetian.In the face of a strong mother, Li Xian did not dare to resist, and could only obey her.

Even though his son had conceded, Wu Zetian was obviously dissatisfied, and always felt that this adult son would be threatened to himself.So she found an excuse to abolish Li Xian, degraded to King Luling, and let her younger son Li Dan succeed.

Li Dan is the youngest son of Wu Zetian and Li Zhi.Looking at the end of the brothers one after another, the smart Li Dan knew from a young age to avoid the mother’s edge.He forbearance and concession, never fighting with Wu Zetian, but he could not avoid his mother’s increasingly inflating ambitions.It didn’t take long for Wu Zetian to abolish Li Dan’s emperor again, put him under house arrest, and ascended the throne as emperor.

In 705 AD, 82 -year -old Wu Zetian was seriously ill.Before dying, the prime minister Zhang Cambodia and the general of the right Yulin Li Duoyu and others led their troops to force the palace, and they were forced to return the throne to Tang Zhongzong Li Xian.After Li Xian returned to the real power, he rescued his younger brother Li Dan and named it as a king.

Li Xian, who had thought that his mother could finally take the imperial power after his death, died in the hands of his wife Wei Queen and his daughter, 5 years later.Wei Hou effectively imitated Wu Zetian’s heart, but did not become Wu Zetian’s life.The conspiracy of the mother and daughter quickly missed it. Li Xian’s nephew, Li Dan’s son, and later Tang Xuanzong Li Longji led people to "clean up".

After Wei’s mother and daughter died, Li Dan regained the throne as emperor.After the throne, Li Dan had more freedom and power. He began to reform politics, select virtuous power, and restore the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty.But he also knows that he is old and has little time.So very happy to give the prince’s position to his son Li Longji, who retreated to the government, and became the emperor.

Among all the children of Wu Zetian, his ending is the best.

In addition to the four sons, Wu Zetian also has three daughters.

Princess Stanzi was the first daughter of Wu Zetian and Li Zhi.This child died shortly after birth.There are also wild history that she was strangled by Wu Zetian himself.

The reason was that in order to suppress the queen of the queen, Wu Zetian married his daughter to the queen to the queen to seize the post.As for whether this rumor is indeed a matter, it is unknown because of dissatisfaction with Wu Zetian usurped the throne.

The name of Wu Zetian’s second daughter Taiping may have heard of it.There is no doubt that she is the child who is most like her mother.As a woman, she also likes to study politics and is as ambitious as her mother.With the wrist and capable, Li Dan can reset, Princess Taiping operates from it.

But at the same time, she was eager to be the emperor like her mother.However, there are Wu Zetian’s precedent, and everyone is attentive to women’s politics.Princess Taiping’s usurping plan was broken by Tang Xuanzong before officially started.As a result, Li Longji’s prematurely destroyed Princess Taiping’s interest group.

Princess Taiping was imprisoned and eventually chose to commit suicide.According to legend, before she died, she sighed:

"I shouldn’t be born in this world."

In fact, Wu Zetian also has a three daughter.But according to our current perspective, the true identity of the princess is too outrageous.

She was actually Tang Gaozu Li Yuan’s younger daughter, also Li Zhi’s aunt.Because she was not old, she was widowed twice. Wu Zetian saw her poor. She simply adopted her and changed her surname Wu. She also gave her the title of the princess of the eldest daughter of her daughter.Therefore, the princess is also known as the stable princess.

Although there is no relationship between blood, Princess Anding is still filial piety and loyalty to Wu Zetian.In addition, she did not participate in the political dispute, nor did she fight for power with other children, so she was not harmed by power.

Wu Zetian is the first and the only emperor in the history of our country. Her life is full of legend and controversy.Her ability is beyond doubt that she not only changed her established fate as a waste concubine, but even sat at the pinnacle of power.

But because of power, there has always been contradiction between Wu Zetian and his children, and even for the sake of power, he does not hesitate to each other.

There are many mysteries on Wu Zetian, and more historical materials will be confirmed. I also hope that in the future, more information can be better understood by people who can better understand the only emperor in Chinese history.

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