World Health Organization: Scientific Communication Emergency contraceptives knowledge

According to the World Health Organization’s report, the emergency contraceptives containing Zuo Nuo progesterone do not have any known health risks. Even if it takes more than once in a menstrual cycle, there are no serious adverse consequences.Emergency contraceptives can reduce the risk of pregnancy.

Many women now say that they would rather have a miscarriage and do not take emergency contraceptives.However, after failure or contraception failure, if emergency contraception measures are not taken, the probability of pregnancy will rise significantly, facing very high risk of abortion, which will cause greater damage to women’s health.

The failure rate of emergency contraceptives is actually 2%, 20%is the algorithm error

It is reported that the average international contraceptive success rate of emergency contraceptives containing left germone is 80%-85%, that is, even if Yuting is taken, 15%-20%of pregnancy risk is still taken. "EssenceIn this regard, experts point out that this calculation method is incorrect. The effectiveness and failure rate of contraception is not a simple arithmetic problem in elementary school. After the success rate is reduced, the failure rate is the failure rate.

In fact, most women who need emergency contraception are not 100%after each sexual life. If there is no emergency contraception, every 100 women will conceive 8 cases per month; after using emergency contraceptives, every 100 women will conceive per month1 case.Professor Cheng Linan pointed out that the effective rate of contraceptives of Zuo Nuo Perobe tablets is 85-90%, while the failure rate is 2%, and there are far from 20%of the report.

However, what must be vigilant is that there are many irregularities in the use of emergency contraceptives.For example, Yuting emergency contraceptives need to be taken within 72 hours after the incident, and the sooner you take the better, the later the effect is worse; after taking emergency contraceptives, if there is no protective behavior, you still need to take medicine again.Otherwise, there is still a possibility of pregnancy … However, many people do not know much about taking methods. At the same time, most of the users take them after purchasing it by themselves. There is no doctor’s guidance.The responsibility of education, so under the wrong method of taking, it also caused some people’s contraceptive failure.

The World Health Organization advocates scientific spread of emergency contraceptive knowledge

In a briefing published in April this year, the World Health Organization specifically criticized the "negative, sometimes even sensational report" about the emergency contraceptives, and pointed out that these reports claimed that infertility, thrombosis, cancer and other emergency contraceptivesHarm does not exist. These reports will cause women to be afraid and may make them unwilling to take emergency contraceptives when they are the most necessary.It believes that: "Through countless research and decades of use, Zuo Noroperonone single -dosage emergency contraceptive pills have proven to be safe and reliable, and there is no need to conduct new research on this.Explain and spread science in the way you understand. "

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