Women’s palace Han needs to rule early four moves to teach you how to prevent conditioning Gong Han

The saying of Gong Han is from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. Common symptoms are cold hands and feet, frequent urination, delayed menstruation, etc., and there will be symptoms of dysmenorrhea.Although Gonghan does not mean "infertility", it is difficult to conceive, and it is easy to have a miscarriage even if you conceive, so it is best to treat it early.So how should women prevent and regulate Gong Han?

Learn 4 tricks to tell the palace Han

1. Daily warmth

Love beauty is a woman’s nature, but we cannot lose health because of love.Doing daily warmth is the most basic requirement for conditioning Gonghan. Therefore, we must pay attention to wearing appropriate clothes. We must not wear super shorts and mini skirts for beauty for beauty.In the room where the air conditioner is turned on, pay attention to cover the stomach with a blanket to keep the uterus warm, so as not to get cold.

When you come to the holiday, remember not to take a cold bath, do not drink cold drinks, do not take cold stools, drink hot drink brown sugar ginger water to sweat your body.Before you go to bed, you can also soak your feet with hot water to stimulate the meridians and acupoints of the foot to warm the whole body.

2. Sports conditioning

"House" is the lifestyle of many modern women, but too much house will adversely affect women’s bodies.Getting rid of Gong Han, girls need to participate in more physical exercise to promote blood circulation and warm up their bodies.

Because going to the outside of the sun can help accept the yang in nature, improve immunity, and improve physical fitness, so girls must quit the bad habits of "lazy houses" and exercise more.

3. Diet conditioning

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that women are underworld, so they should not be greedy, and they should pay special attention to their diet.Regulating palace Han, female friends are best not to eat cold foods such as cold drinks, ice tea, etc., so as not to enter the body to consume yang in the body, causing cold evil to endure and infringe the uterus.

In addition, Gonghan women usually eat more foods with more warm and scattered cold effects, such as walnuts, red dates, peanuts, lamb, chicken, etc.After lunch or after dinner, drinking a cup of warm ginger tea will also help resolve the cold and regulate the palace cold.

4. Sleep conditioning

Successive sleep helps to eliminate fatigue, restore human energy, promote metabolism, and help female friends to regulate Gong Han.Therefore, the "Gong Han Girl" must not stay up late, and she should go to bed early every day.

Second, warm palace food recommendation

1. Angelica

Angelica has the effect of promoting blood circulation, and you can also regulate menstruation and relieve dysmenorrhea.It is a common Chinese medicine. Everyone can use it to make medicated diet. When adding Angelica when stewed chicken, it is good for women.Gong Han’s women must eat more Angelica.

2. Ejiao

Ejiao is a healthy ingredient that women are very familiar with.If you often eat Ejiao, it can allow women to absorb more calcium elements, and it can also promote the generation of hemoglobin and red blood cells, make the uterus more active, and will not be cold anymore.

3, bird’s nest

Bird’s nest is also a very good supplement food. If women often eat bird’s nest, they can also regulate the symptoms of the palace cold.The nature of the bird’s nest is relatively mild. Put the bird’s nest in water for a while, and then stew it with the ingredients such as Sydney and other ingredients. It can be eaten after a period of time.Women can eat bird’s nests when they are on vacation, and they will not be cold in the future.

4, brown sugar

Many women drink brown sugar when dysmenorrhea.This is mainly because brown sugar can pass menstruation and can play a role in promoting blood circulation.If you drink brown sugar for a long time, you can also regulate the symptoms of the cold.Brown sugar can warm women’s uterus.

5. Wolfberry

Wolfberry also has a good nourishing effect. If women often eat wolfberry, they can also warm the palace.When alleviating the symptoms of the palace, you can eat more wolfberry, and its warmth effect is very good.However, it should be noted that people with colds and diarrhea cannot eat wolfberry.

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