Women’s love to cry after pregnancy is not "hypocritical". There may be three reasons. Family people must understand

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After pregnancy, in addition to the joy of breeding new life, women also bear the uncomfortable uncomfortable from physical changes and psychological emotions.

Many prospective dads report: Obviously his wife’s personality is very docile, but after pregnancy, it looks like a person, not only emotionally low, but often angry, angry, and even often crying to a certain extent.Strange.

In fact, many women will fluctuate greatly after pregnancy, often emotional sensitivity, becoming crying.This makes many family members not understand, and even feel that it is a pregnant woman.

1) Unable to adapt to physiological changes

With the increase of the gestational week, some changes in expectant mothers will naturally change. The most obvious is that she is fat. In addition to pregnant women, all parts of the body will have different degrees of meat.

The buttocks are getting larger and larger, and stretch marks are gradually growing on the stomach. These will make those beautiful women frightened, and natural emotions will become low.And once there are some diseases during pregnancy, it cannot be relieved by drugs. It can only rely on ninja. The emotions of pregnant mothers will naturally become very fragile.

Facing the performance of pregnant mothers during pregnancy, in fact, this is not coquettish. More about these problems that have never been encountered, they cannot adapt for a while, so there will be a lot of emotional fluctuations.

2) Worried about the results of the production inspection

Pregnant mothers during pregnancy should go through the large and small checkup, and in these check -up, it is inevitable that the results of the outcome of the checkup will happen.What is the danger of your baby.

Each worry accumulates, it may not be much to outsiders, but the emotions of pregnant mothers have become unstable.

3) The transformation of the identity causes great pressure

After pregnancy, there is no doubt that there is one more identity and become a "mother". In the face of the unknown of parenting and the busyness of future family work, many pregnant mothers feel that the pressure is doubled.If these pressures are not relieved for a long time, it is easy to have adverse effects on the psychological and physiological of pregnant mothers.

Although crying by accident is also a vent of bad emotions, pregnant mothers must know that the baby will feel all the emotions of the mother.Crying or twice will not have any impact.But once we cry too often, it will affect the development of the fetus.

1. Fetal development abnormal

If pregnant mothers often cry during pregnancy, and emotional depression or more excited for a long time, it will affect the growth and development of the fetus.The character of the fetus after birth is also easy to become restless and cry. Such a baby is also difficult to raise for parents.

2. Fetal malformations

In the early stages of pregnancy, the tissue of the fetal body began to differentiate, especially the formation and development of the fetal mouth and maxillary.

3. Easy to lead to premature birth or even abortion

If the pregnant mother usually feels irritable and emotionally fluctuates, and often crying, it is also easy to cause uterine bleeding, cause premature birth, and even abortion.

In summary, if pregnant women often cry during pregnancy, if they are extremely negative, the hormone level in the body will directly interfere with the normal development of the fetus, causing bad consequences.Therefore, in the process of breeding fetuses, it is very important to maintain a good psychological state of pregnant mothers.

During the pregnancy, in the face of their own bad emotions, pregnant mothers should promptly guide, communicate with parents more, and share the suffering and joy of pregnancy; and the family must also give the pregnant mother a full understanding and tolerance to avoid the blame and of the pregnant mother andindifferent.

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