Women’s fitness can affect fertility function. These points must be seen

Now, many women go to the gym for the perfect figure, and they have practiced how to lose weight quickly. In fact, women’s training is particular about it, because once excessive training or training plan is incorrect, it will cause womenThe physiological cycle, the probability of pregnancy will be reduced. Although fitness, please arrange a fitness plan reasonably.

1. Low fat

Generally speaking, many women go to the gym to reduce fat. Some female friends ingest food daily is low fat, and some even dieting to achieve the effect of quickly reducing fat.Is it really good?

Daily intake of low -fat foods is not a good way to reduce fat. This will cause some functions of your body to self -rescue and close, and fat reduction requires the perfect combination of diet and exercise.Because the body fat rate of women is the easiest to get pregnant at 22%, and the body fat rate will affect pregnancy at 12%. Therefore, female babies need to be cautious. Please do it according to the coach’s method!Do not be less than 12%of the body fat, otherwise you ca n’t find a boyfriend.

2. Low calories

Recently, I found that many articles on the Internet are about to reduce fat."What to eat an apple at noon, eat a banana at night, and drink a glass of honey water before going to bed not only lose weight but also beautiful, you don’t lose weight after a week, you come to me."I want to say to these authors who do not know, do you not be dead, do you want others to follow you?Serious criticism.

When the usual intake is seriously inadequate, when it is not enough to support the daily activities of the body, the thermal effect of food, and the normal operation of the metabolism, the body will spontaneously try to save themselves and close some living functions to reduce consumption.aunt.

I want to advise some female friends with fat loss and eagerly. Anyone on the Internet involves fast weight loss, and it is not true to lose weight from the diet. Do not blindly listen to the letter. The real fat reduction method: the energy (calories) of the daily intake of the human body (calories)Below the calories you consume every day.Low calories will disturb the secretion of female lutein, and lutein may delay your cycle.

3. Low carbon water

Many female babies do not eat staple foods when they reduce fat, and the daily aerobic amount is greatly increased.

The main reason for this is the dual blow of "aerobic exercise+diet".Related studies have shown that female athletes need to maintain their weight before participating. Most of them are reducing fat through low calories and less carbohydrates. Extra aerobic exercises allow female athletes to reduce fat to the peak.In fact, such women have a lot of amenorrhea.


1. The best body fat rate for women is between 18%-22%. Remember not to be less than 12%!

2. Women do not need to pursue too slender lower body because women’s genes are not allowed.

3. The effect of aerobic exercise is better to match with the diet

4. Don’t die, don’t die, don’t die.Remember!IntersectionIntersection

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