Women’s chest pain is not necessarily breast cancer, but also these three causes!Relax

Due to the severe threatening physical and mental health of female friends, many middle -aged women will become more nervous once breast pain occurs.So, what causes breast pain in middle -aged women?Is breast pain a early symptom of breast cancer?Let’s find out.

It is understood that the occurrence of breast pain in middle -aged women is mainly caused by breast hyperplasia. This is a physiological change, and many women also have breast swelling and pain during menstruation.Proliferation, breast tissue edema, and breast swelling.Pain and other situations will also appear at the same time.Generally speaking, when menstruation comes, breast swelling and pain will disappear.

However, if breast pain has breast pain before menstruation, and pain other than the level of pain in fixed pain or hormone levels is accompanied by a lump, a fixed pain site or a hormone level, it should be checked in a regular breast specialist hospital to find the cause and avoid delay treatment opportunities.

1. Breast pain during pregnancy

Many female friends will have different degrees of breast pain when they are about forty days pregnant. Due to the placenta in the mother and fluff secrete rich estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin, the breast is swollen, resulting in breastsPain can continue to appear throughout the pregnancy in severe cases, without special treatment.

2. Breast pain during menstruation

Many women also have to varying degrees of breast pain before menstruation. Many women have breast swelling, stiffness, and painful pain before menstruation.Disappear after menstruation.

3. Pathological breast pain

If the symptoms of breast pain are severe or irregular and have local breast masses, it is caused by pathology.The diagnosis and treatment of B -ultrasound and molybdenum targets in hospital surgery or mammary adrenal department can be completely eliminated from the problem of disease.

We need to eliminate specific causes of breast pain.If it is because of illness, we need to be treated as soon as possible. If it is pain before menstruation, we can massage the breasts every day to relieve it.When doing breast massage, you can use some moisturizing lotion appropriately, but this is a good way.

Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended that female friends use aroma oil, but they do not know much about the ingredients inside, and if there are components that are not good for female breast health, they will have a certain impact on breast health.How long is the massage technology and specific massage time, don’t pay attention, as long as you feel comfortable.

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