Women’s body has these 5 characteristics, indicating that it is easy to get pregnant, basically "pregnancy"

Creating is an extremely extraordinary thing! Imagine that we develop from a small fertilized egg that is unsatisfactory to the naked eye, and this only requires a combination of a man and a woman to achieve a life from scratch.But why are some people who are pregnant during safety, and some people ca n’t be pregnant? Do n’t consider how good the man ’s cow is, mainly from the women’s aspect, it has a lot to do with the physique. Generally, there are five characteristics.Women are easy to conceive.

1. Aunt is coming on time

Under normal circumstances, women’s menstrual cycles are 28 ~ 32 days. As the saying goes, the regular menstrual cycle is the healthy barometer of female friends. If the menstrual cycle is irregular, it means that there may be problems with the body. Of course, it is difficult to determine the ovulation period.If your aunt is more regular, the physical condition is good, and the excreted eggs are relatively healthy, which is not only conducive to conception, but also the baby you produce is healthier.

Pay attention to diet conditioning for long -term irregular menstruation, such as drinking plenty of black fungus red jujube tea, strong tea brown sugar drink, hawthorn brown sugar drink, etc. If the symptoms are not improved, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time to understand the cause of the cause early treatment.

2. Can’t Gonghan

Gonghan can lead to infertility, but it is not that Gonghan must be infertility. Many women in Gonghan will be delayed, which will be delayed for more than ten days, as many as two or three months. Most of these women do not have ovulation.Of course lead to infertility.From another perspective, the temperature of the uterus is low and it is not suitable for fetal growth. Even if you are pregnant, it is easy to have a miscarriage. Therefore, it is necessary for women to regulate the uterine environment before preparing for pregnancy.If you are a congenital garden cold, you usually eat more foods that nourish qi and warm up, such as walnuts, dates, and peanuts, so that the congenital shortcomings are supplemented by the high energy of the acquired.

3. Normal weight

Obesity people will cause pregnancy difficulties due to the affected endocrine system -related endocrine systems in their bodies. The same thinner estrogen levels are prone to low levels and are not easy to conceive, because too skinny women are prone to malnutrition. In the uterusThe membrane is like a barren soil. It is difficult to bed in fertilized eggs. If you want fertile soil, you still have to be a sloppy figure? Girls have to think twice!

Before controlling the weight, you can make a comprehensive understanding of your nutritional status. If necessary, you can also ask a doctor to help diagnose, adjust your diet with purpose, and actively store nutrients with low body content. If iron deficiency, you can eat more beef and animals.For liver, green vegetables, raisins, etc., you can eat more shrimp skin, dairy products and soy products.

4. Uterine leaning

Under normal circumstances, women’s uterus is leaning forward, which also makes sperm easier to combine with eggs, thereby successful conception.However, some women are born with a rear -loading state, so that the distance between the combination of sperm and eggs increases, and of course the chance of conception will decrease.

Women who are leaning back in the uterus insist on lying on the side, lying on their back, and kneeling 2-3 times, each half an hour, so that the uterus has an opportunity to flex forward.In the same room, the female’s hip pad an appropriate thickness cushion or small pillow to raise the hips and let the semen concentrate towards the vagina behind the vagina.

5. No damage to the uterus and ovaries

Many women have ever made an abortion. You must know that the endometrium is composed of the base layer and the functional layer. The function layer is changed in January. It doesn’t matter if it is damaged. However, there is no way to repair the base layer.The main cause of the endometrium base layer.

And when you are pregnant again, it is more likely to have habitual abortion and premature birth. Of course, the thin uterine endometrium cannot make the fertilized eggs grow smoothly, so if you don’t want your baby for the time being, you must take contraceptive measures., I really accidentally got pregnant, and my physical condition is good, so give birth to the baby.

If you want to conceive your child as soon as possible, you should adjust your body first. If your body is conditioned, pregnancy will be a matter of water. Finally, I wish everyone can pick up a good "pregnancy".

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