Women’s attention: Vaginitis in autumn is easy to "get up", please take 4 points to prevent

Vaginitis is a common gynecological disease in women, and women of each age group may happen.Vaginitis will repeat the attack, and reduce the fertility ability of women, affect reproductive health, and treat it very difficult.

1. Can’t abuse antibiotics

Although antibiotics can assist in treating various diseases, the use of antibiotics will break the balance of vaginal flora, which is more likely to breed a large number of bacteria and viruses, increase the chance of suffering from vaginitis.Stop the medicine immediately after getting better.In addition, the underwear and underwear should be cleaned separately. After washing, put it under the sun after washing, which can achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization.Underwear and underwear cannot be washed with clothes or socks to avoid cross -infections.

2. Choose the correct way of contraception

Almost all contraceptives will have estrogen, and estrogen can stimulate the growth of mold, which will cause fungal vaginitis to repeatedly occur.A condom or contraceptive ring can be used for contraception.In addition, the washing machine at home should be cleaned frequently, because it is easy to hide molds, especially in carefully cleaning and disinfection laundry barrels.

3. Do not over -clean the vagina

Some women are misled by the outside world and often use vaginal cleaning solution. In fact, not only cannot keep the vagina clean, but will destroy the inner environment inside and breed a large amount of mold.The correct way is to rinse with warm water before going to bed at night. Do not wash it.In addition, it is always maintained after pregnancy, because the level of sex hormone after pregnancy has changed a lot, and it is easy to induce mold vaginitis.

4. Pay attention to the hygiene of public places

Public places are prone to breed a large amount of bacteria and mold. When traveling or traveling, you cannot share the bathtub with others. Try to put on pajamas as much as possible when you sleep on the bed.In addition, it is necessary to control blood sugar, because the skin and mucous membranes of diabetic patients are very fragile, and they are easily invaded by bacteria or molds. Female friends avoid eating high sugar foods and do local cleaning and hygiene.

Kind tips

Some women in autumn like to wear tight jeans and wear as little as possible, otherwise the vagina will always be in a dark and humid environment, which is not conducive to local ventilation and breathability, and increases the chance of suffering from vaginitis.Wipe it from the back after each urination to prevent bacteria or viruses in the anus from entering the vagina.In addition, to keep the vagina clean and dry, carefully clean the external genitals before and after each sex, do a good job of contraception, and trim the hair regularly.

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