Women’s "weight loss needle" to lose weight and cause disease Dangerous doctors: indeed risks

"No weight loss in April, sadness in May", every year, weight loss will become a hot topic again.Recently, a "weight loss needle" has quietly became popular, claiming that she can "lose weight" without diet or exercise.What the hell is going on?Reporter Lan Fen introduced.

Ms. Chen, 27, lost more than a dozen pounds after giving birth to her baby in December last year. In order to have a good figure, under the recommendation of colleagues, she went to a beauty salon to get a "weight loss needle".The staff claimed that a needle could lose a few pounds. Ms. Chen was very excited about this, and immediately paid 2,000 yuan.

One week ago, after she had a fourth shot, she suddenly felt dizzy and headache and had difficulty breathing.

Patient Ms. Chen

Call the store manager

That store manager said it was okay

Drink water with normal reactions

I went to the kitchen and my husband gave me water to drink

I was already suffocating at that time

I quickly asked my husband to take me to the hospital

When the 120 ambulance arrived, Ms. Chen was in a coma and was in critical condition.

After treatment, Ms. Chen has been out of danger and her condition is stable.At present, the staff of the beauty salons involved can’t be contacted.

Ms. Chen admitted that after experiencing this "escape in the dead", she would never dare to lose weight blindly.

Patient Ms. Chen

Dare not

Give me millions

I dare not engage in these

According to reports, there are two main types of "weight loss needles", one is daily agent Leralugin peptide, and the other is the peripheral Divcel peptide, which are hypoglycemic drugs used in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Because these two medicines have a weight loss effect, in some countries, they have been approved for obesity reduction treatment, but at present, they have not included them in obesity to use indications.

Lu Youliang, the attending physician of the Department of Severe Medicine, Baiyun Hospital, Guangyun Hospital, Guangyi

The side effect of Smeglugin is the gastrointestinal reaction

Some people will have a decreased appetite after playing

Nausea, vomiting, abdomen, diarrhea, diarrhea

Even constipation

Some people even have dizziness and headache

There are more serious drug allergic reactions

Like Smeglugin, it is in the drug description

A risk warning that causes thyroid C cell tumors

The reporter found that Simi Gulu peptides can be purchased through online shopping platforms or purchasing channels.

The doctor reminded that it is different as a hypoglycemic drug, which is different from the dose of weight loss drugs.

Lu Youliang, the attending physician of the Department of Severe Medicine, Baiyun Hospital, Guangyun Hospital, Guangyi

Our slimmer is a prescription policy

And it is a therapeutic medication

If you do not get professional guidance

Not even observed

It will be easy to have some unpredictable drug reactions

The obstetrician also reminded that women are pregnant or breastfeeding. Because of the changes in endocrine and diet, physical weight gain is a natural phenomenon.

Wang Jing, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics department of Baiyun Hospital, Affiliated to Guangdi Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our really weight loss is not to say that it depends on weight loss drugs

We are still two major (aspects)

One is diet and one is exercise

If you have a diet, you need to eat according to the scientific diet

Control your diet

Combine exercise

Guangdong Taiwan reporter Lan Fen reported

Source: Guangdong Taiwan Follow today

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