Women will bleed for the first time?Can I lose weight in the same room?Women must know 4 gynecological knowledge, may wish

Xiao Qiao is a slightly fat girl who has been dating her boyfriend for 8 months.The two also pulled hands or kissing.His boyfriend wanted to go further many times, but Xiao Qiao was afraid of his first time he was afraid to take this step.She couldn’t stand softly in her ears and told her that such things were conducive to weight loss, and Xiao Qiao decided to hand over herself.After the first in -depth exchanges between the two, her boyfriend discovered that Xiao Qiao was not red, and questioned whether Xiao Qiao had drew her boyfriend before.Xiao Qiao felt very wronged, but this was indeed his first time.

Will women bleed for the first time?

Women’s life may have vaginal bleeding for the first time, but not all women will happen.The reason for bleeding is caused by the tears or cutting of the hymen, and the elasticity and thinness of the hymen vary from person to person. Some women’s hymen is relatively weak and easily torn., So it is not necessarily bleeding for each woman’s first sexual intercourse.

In addition, the amount and time of bleeding varies from person to person. Some women have little bleeding, only a little pink blood, while some women have more bleeding, and the duration is longer. It may take a few days or longerfull recovery.If the amount of bleeding is large or the duration is long, it is recommended to seek medical treatment so that the doctor can judge the cause of bleeding and give the necessary treatment.

Can the life of husband and wife really benefit weight loss?

Some studies have shown that the life of husband and wife does help lose weight.However, this does not mean to lose weight as long as sexual behavior is performed.Here are some information about the life and weight loss of the husband and wife:

Burning calories: Sexual behavior can consume a lot of energy. Studies have shown that sexual behavior per hour can consume about 100-300 calories, depending on the strength and time of activity.Although this is not a very high value, every week’s sexual behavior can definitely help increase the overall heat consumption and reduce weight.

Promoting metabolism: Sexual behavior can stimulate the body to secrete hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. These hormones help promote metabolism, thereby accelerating the burning of fat.

Reduce pressure: Studies have shown that people with stable emotions are more likely to lose weight.Sexual behaviors can promote the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and endorphins, thereby reducing stress and anxiety and helping to reduce weight.

Enhance physical fitness: Sexual behavior can strengthen the endurance and health of cardiovascular systems and muscles, make the body healthier, and make it easier to lose weight.

Although studies have proved that the life of husband and wife does help lose weight, the premise is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as proper diet, sufficient sleep and appropriate exercise to achieve good weight loss effects.At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the safety of sexual behavior to avoid health problems such as infectious diseases.

When women start sexual life, they need to pay special attention to gynecological health.Here are four must -know gynecological knowledge:

1. Pay attention to private parts cleaning

Cleaning in private parts is a very important link in women’s gynecological care.If the private part is unclean, it is easy to cause gynecological diseases such as vaginal infections.Therefore, women need to master the correct private cleaning method.

Women should use neutral detergents when bathing to avoid using irritating soaps and shower gels, because these products may destroy the natural pH balance of private parts, thereby promoting the reproduction of harmful bacteria.Secondly, women should use warm water when washing their private parts to avoid using overheated or too cold water, because this will affect the blood circulation of the private parts, thereby affecting the health of the private parts.

Women should be cleaned at least once a day, it is best to do it during a bath, especially during menstruation to strengthen cleaning.When cleaning, it should be gentle and slow. Do not excessively force to avoid stimulating to private parts and vagina.After cleaning, dry it with a clean towel to avoid humidity, thereby reducing bacterial reproduction.

Women should also avoid wearing tight underwear and pants. These clothes may hinder the ventilation of private parts, which makes the private parts humid and increases the risk of infection.When choosing underwear, it is best to choose the material of the cotton.

2. Pay attention to the physiological cycle

When women have sex, they need to pay attention to some gynecological knowledge. One of the important aspects is to pay attention to the physiological cycle.Understanding your own physiological cycle can help women better plan their lives and sex, and at the same time to better prevent and detect gynecological diseases.

Women’s physiological cycle is generally about 28 days, but there are also some individual differences.Understanding your own physiological cycle can help women better control the timing of sexual life while preventing and avoiding unexpected pregnancy. At the same time, they can avoid sexual life in the physiological cycle and reduce the risk of gynecological diseases.

In addition, the physiological cycle also affects women’s sexual desire and sexual reactions. Therefore, understanding of their own physiological cycle can also help women better grasp their peak sexual desire and gain a more pleasant sexual life experience.

However, it should be noted that the length and ovulation time of the physiological cycle are not fixed. Some factors such as pressure, environment and diet, etc., may affect the physiological cycle.Therefore, women need to pay close attention to their physical condition and seek help from a doctor if necessary.

3. Pay attention to contraception

Using contraceptive tools is one of the effective ways to avoid accidental pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.Contraceptive tools include condoms, oral contraceptives, and in -palaces.Among them, condoms are one of the most commonly used contraceptive tools. It is simple and convenient to use, which can effectively avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.Oral contraceptives and in -palace biocomputers need to be used under the guidance of doctors, and they need to pay attention to side effects and use methods.

The correct method of using contraceptive tools is very important.When using a condom, you should check the packaging carefully to confirm whether it expires and is damaged.When using it, you should be put on correctly according to the manual to ensure fit.For oral contraceptives and in -palace, you need to use it correctly under the guidance of a doctor, and pay attention to the time and dosage of medication.

Although contraceptive tools are an effective way to avoid accidental pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, it is not a completely reliable method.In the case of sexual life, women need to be responsible for their bodies, and do not rely too much on contraceptive tools.At the same time, we must also understand the methods and measures of emergency contraception.

Women have a ovulation period in the menstrual cycle. At this time, sexual behavior can easily lead to accidental pregnancy.Therefore, during sexual behavior, women need to pay attention to their menstrual cycle and contraception, and choose the appropriate contraceptive method.If an accident occurs, emergency contraceptive measures should be taken in time.

4. Pay attention to male personal hygiene

Men’s personal hygiene is essential for women’s health.If men do not pay attention to cleaning, in sexual life, bacteria and viruses will be easier to spread to women, which will lead to various gynecological problems such as vaginitis and urinary tract infections.Therefore, before sexual life, women need to ensure that men have made necessary cleaning, such as cleaning external genitals and trimming hair.

Women should try to avoid using irritating chemicals or soaps in the male genital area.These substances destroy the natural flora of men, leading to bacterial infections and inflammation.It is recommended to use warm water and clean towels to gently wipe the male genital area to avoid damage to the natural flora of men.

Women should also pay attention to avoid using a cleaner with strong acid or strong alkaline in the male genital area.These substances may cause serious damage to men’s reproductive organs, leading to pain and discomfort.Therefore, before using any cleaner, make sure the cleaner is safe for male reproductive organs.

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