Women who have given birth to a child are easier to get pregnant?Come here Baoma: Just like "the second pulse of Ren Du"

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Regarding pregnancy, it is really "some people are happy and some are worried."Some people are not pregnant shortly after pregnancy, and some people do not want to get pregnant unexpectedly.

Just like those women who have given birth to children, as if they are opening up the "Ren Du two veins", they are more likely to get pregnant.

"Husband, I’m pregnant again"!

In the morning, I heard my wife shouting such a sentence in the bathroom, and suddenly woke up from her sleep.I was just doing my dad for less than half a year. Why is my wife pregnant again?

My wife came out of the bathroom, and she was helpless, and she complained that she was strong, but she still didn’t understand it. The postpartum menstruation and ovulation needed time to recover. How can women who are so easy to get pregnant after giving birth?

1) The attitude towards the baby is more easy -going

Those parents who already have children are very natural in the matter of having children, because they have experienced it once, and there will be no pressure.

At the same time, after giving birth to a child, the attitude of the second child is also very subtle. It is dispensable. With natural happiness, no nor disappointment, such a relaxed mood will naturally increase the chance of conception.

2) The body is healthier

In addition, women who have given birth to children have proved that their physical condition is good. Even if it is damaged after a child, after careful care, the body will become healthier.pregnant.

Those women with good mother -in -law will provide children with a very good congenital growth environment, and children born will also be healthier.

3) Not so concerned about contraception

Women with children, couples will relax and be vigilant about contraception. They are more "lucky", especially breastfeeding, which is even more likely to be "safe period". This is easier to ""Middle".

Just like Chen Haomin’s wife Jiang Lisha, he believes that he would not get pregnant without recovery, but he couldn’t care about contraception. Finally, he gave birth to 4 children in a row.

Compared with the first maternal, those mothers who have had children are more likely to have "huge children". Why?

The first reason: unreasonable nutritional intake during pregnancy

Many women may be restricted by living standards when they are pregnant, and they are not so rich in their own diet. With the improvement of living standards, many maternal diet structures are unreasonable, and they consume excess fat and protein.It will make the fetus excessively develop.

The second reason: the body structure changes

Those mothers who have experienced a producer, the volume of the uterine cavity will change, and the abdominal wall is relaxed.

In addition, early pregnancy reactions will also be lighter than when the first child is born, and the psychological burden will be small. These factors are superimposed together, which can easily cause the appearance of "huge children".

In theory, it is recommended that the fastest time to pregnancy again after giving birth is two years, and the best is to start pregnancy after 3 years.

However, specific discussions also need to be discussed in different situations: 1. If a child is a cesarean section, then at least two years interval and then get pregnant to avoid the risk of uterine rupture or front placenta.Different, after half a year, if the contraceptive pill is stopped for half a year, and if the contraceptive ring, it is recommended to wait for 3 months after taking the ring, and after 2-3 times of menstruation, start to prepare for pregnancy.3. Dabao’s age is also needed to consider again. To give birth to a child, a child needs a lot of time, money, and energy. If the first child is not taken care of, he hurry to give birth to a second child, then the pressure of life is also very high.

It is best to wait for the boss to go to the kindergarten, and then prepare a second child.

Today’s topic: How long did you get pregnant again after you experienced it?

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