Women who are pregnant once or twice in the same time have three "features". Do you among it?

Two days ago, Friends Lin Lin asked me very much, saying that her "big aunt" had been 3 days later. She had to go to the hospital to check it, but she was pregnant again.I comforted her with a smile. How could I get pregnant so easily? I was pregnant with my husband for 2 months before I was pregnant with Dabao.Lin Lin frowned as soon as she heard it. She said that she was an obvious "pregnancy" physique. When she was pregnant, she was "one blow to the middle", so she was so worried.Sakura couldn’t help but be amazed. It turned out that there were people who were pregnant.So, what are the characteristics of those who are susceptible to pregnancy?Sakura also collected some netizens’ answers on the Internet.

What exactly do people look like?A woman with this constitution is not easy!

@小: I just get pregnant. When the ovulation period, my husband was in the same room with me.I usually be careful and be careful. The contraceptive measures have to be done very well. I already have two babies, and I really ca n’t afford it.

@: I am too me. I am the same physique around me. Friends are joked that I am a "one trick in the middle" constitution. I usually have to have contraceptives, and I dare not have a little chance.My sister often said that if I was born in ancient times, I could give birth, and I would never hate to marry.

Women who are pregnant once or twice in the same time have three "features". Do you among it?

1. Menstruation law

Menstruation is an important measure of women’s health level, because the formation of menstruation requires the common participation of women’s reproductive system.Therefore, women with normal menstruation are good first.The menstrual cycle is about 28-35 days, which varies from person to person. The duration of menstruation is 5-8 days. We all knowimprove.Therefore, I think women who are preparing for pregnancy must pay attention to their menstruation. If menstruation is abnormal, the cause should be analyzed in a timely manner and prescribed the right medicine.And you should pay attention to rest and diet during menstruation, do not touch cold water, do not eat cold food.

2. Moderate body

Science shows that women who have severe weight or thinner are not easy to get pregnant. I think that if a woman is fat, it will cause high blood sugar in the body to be too high, which is not suitable for pregnancy.It is likely to cause endocrine disorders and should not be pregnant.Therefore, couples who are preparing for pregnancy should reasonably supplement nutrition, make a comprehensive diet, and condition their weight and body.In order to prepare for providing an excellent conception environment.In addition, do not eat spicy foods, especially women with weightless weight, do not eat too much sweets. These sweets contain too much sugar, which will increase our blood sugar in the human body.

3. Warm hands and feet

There are many women with cold hands. There are many friends around me that this kind of system, which may be the cold, or the cold in the body is too heavy.Women with warm hands and feet are more likely to get pregnant than women with cold hands and feet.I think if women’s hands and feet are cold and intended to prepare for pregnancy, you can use some food supplements, massage and other methods to remove the cold in the body. Pay special attention to your diet. Do not eat cold food. Try to wash your face and wash your hands with hot water, even if you wash your face and wash your hands, even if you wash your face and wash your hands, evenWhen blowing the air conditioner in the summer, you should also pay attention. Do not be too low in temperature, do not blow yourself.The second is to pay attention to exercise. Movement can make the microcirculation in the body smoother and accelerate metabolism, which is conducive to the discharge of cold.

Alright, Sakura will share here today. Do you have other different opinions or suggestions?Welcome to leave a message to discuss together.

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