Women repeated nose plastic surgery caused infection deformation, doctors fix step by step to restore the nose appearance function

(Correspondent Li Yan and Huang Ting) The woman hopes that her nose is higher. She is dissatisfied with the shape after the nasal plastic surgery, and has been repaired three times. Eventually, the severe deformed nose has helpless many hospitals.Facing the risk of disfigurement, she recently came to the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University. The doctor formulated a step -by -step repair plan to help her nose restore the normal appearance.

Ms. Fang, 33, always felt that her nose was not high enough and affected her face value. Four years ago, she conducted prosthesis rhinoplasty surgery after consulting in a private plastic surgery institution in Wuhan.After the surgery recovery period, she believed that the shape of the nose did not achieve the effect of her expected, so the second repair surgery was performed in the same plastic surgery institution.The nostrils are gradually facing the sky.She found the agency again, but the other party said that it was unable to repair it.Ms. Fang had to find another hospital for repair surgery, removed the prosthesis filled by the first rhinoplasty surgery, and replaced the new bulk material.However, due to secondary repair, the original scar tissue of the nose needs to be removed and then filled, so that the nose that had been surgery was "damaged" again.If prosthesis infection occurs, the infection can only be taken out through the fourth surgery, and the next plan will be made after the anti -inflammatory.

However, Ms. Fang was pregnant shortly after this operation, and her nose appeared uncomfortable again after pregnancy. Considering that it was not suitable for surgery during pregnancy.The nose has many problems such as rhinoparies, minor nasal deformed deformation, obvious scars of the nasal tip of the nasal tip, and obvious scars of the nasal tip. The nostrils are asymmetric.She ran all dozens of hospitals in the province, all of which were told that the repair was too difficult. Recently, she went to Wuhan University Central South Hospital. After the Department of Plastic Surgery, Guo Liang, the director of the Department of Science and Cosmetology, checked Ms. Fang’s inspection report and made a detailed ground on the ground.After the diagnosis, the condition and surgical plan were analyzed in detail for it: At present, the condition of the nose is very bad, and the repair is more difficult.Combine, then take it from the autologous rib cartilage and membrane to rebuild the nasal structure, so that the internal tissue, function and appearance of the nose will return to normal. When the nasal head is fully recovered after surgery, the nose bridge part is repaired.

"The difficulty of nasal repair is much larger than the initial plastic surgery of the nose and the cost is higher. The nasal repair surgery can only be done after half a year after the operation of the surgery, and the nasal plastic surgery or nasal repair is multiple times.The damage of the structure and tissue is quite large, and the skin of the nose will become thinner and thinner. There may be problems such as scar hyperplasia, envelope thickening, and deformation of the nostrils. "Guo Liang reminded that citizens with plastic surgery needs must go to regular hospitalsThe plastic surgery department find a professional doctor to consult a face -to -face consultation, communicate more and understand, and strive for an operation to achieve the ideal effect. Avoid repeated trimming or surgical infection.

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