Women in the evening of pregnancy: Twin daughters and I infected with Omikon in the United States

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(Health Times reporter Qiu Yue) At 24:00 on January 8th, the Tianjin Disease Control and Control Center completed two newly added new crown virus general genome sequences in Tianjin.After analysis and comparison, and confirmed by the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, two new crown viruses in local cases belonged to the mutant strains of Omikon.

How strong is Omikon’s spread? What is the symptoms after infection? Health Times reporters interviewed a woman who recently diagnosed the new crown pneumonia in the United States. She and her family settled in the United States.Twin daughters.At the end of 2021, she was diagnosed with a new crown when she was more than 8 months pregnant.

"The doctor told me that because I had vaccinated the vaccine throughout the process. In addition, I probably had the probability that I was infected with Omikdon." Yani said, "They also told me that this strain was very contagious, but the symptoms were relatively relatively symptoms, but the symptoms were relatively relatively symptoms, but the symptoms were relatively relatively symptoms, but the symptoms were relatively relatively symptoms, but the symptoms were relatively relatively symptoms.It’s mild. "

"In the United States, the illness and control department will not take the initiative to do the gene sequencing of the virus for free, and the patient needs to pay for it at their own expense." Yani said that considering that it takes time and money, I have no longer specifically to do gene sequencing.

"The new crown virus is really invincible!"After the mother is diagnosed, the twin daughter confirmed the one after another

On December 23, 2021, Yami, who was more than 34 weeks pregnant, began to have headaches and sore throat. Because there was no fever at the time, Yami took a physical isolation on himself: a person lived on the first floor, and the two daughters were because of the two daughters.Husband took it and lived on the second floor."Because there is a pair of twin daughters under the age of 2, I thought at the time that even if it was a normal cold, I didn’t want to transmit it to the child."

Early the next morning, Yani’s body temperature began to rise, reaching 37.8 ° C, and the throat became more and more sore. "It seemed like a phlegm stuck in his throat and lungs, and he couldn’t swallow.Maybe it’s not just as simple as the flu, so I hurried to the emergency department. "

The isolation life of Yani and the children, the interviewees provide pictures.

In the hospital, the doctor did four tests including the new coronary virus and influenza virus, including the new crown virus, and the test results of the new crown virus showed positive.

"Although this result does not surprise me, I can be described as an invincible. I am now in the third trimester, and I have vaccinated two stitches, and there are two children at home.I almost ca n’t go out when I buy vegetables, and I will definitely bring a mask when I go out. I really do n’t know how to be infected. ”Yani is still puzzled by how he is infected.

The return home for the first time was physical isolation with her daughters, but on December 27 and 29, Yani’s eldest daughter and little daughter began to have a fever, and then she was diagnosed with a new crown."This virus is too contagious. When the eldest daughter starts to have a fever, I know that the little daughter is infected with time." Yani told the Health Times reporter.

Low fever+throat pain, I feel that I can’t breathe with phlegm cough

On December 25, Yami’s symptoms have exacerbated, and their throat pain is almost out of sound. It is necessary to use a lot of strength to speak, and it feels like she can’t breathe.

Yani told reporters that on the same day, she tried to clear a sputum to make her throat comfortable, but no matter how hard she cough, even if she coughing her tears, she couldn’t clear it at all.In addition, although the body temperature has never exceeded 38 ° C, it still feels weak and uncomfortable.

On December 26, she received a notice from the hospital and asked her to get a single cloning antibody."Originally antibodies were only used for intensive or medical staff. Maybe considering that I am a pregnant woman, so I was also arranged. I was still very embarrassed before I went. I don’t know what will be reflected after the injection.It was almost faint, and I didn’t wake up all night. This is extremely rare for me in the third trimester. "

After this infection, Yami recalled a similar experience in early 2020.

"In early 2020, my parents, my parents -in -law, and my uncle fell ill. The symptoms were very similar to this infection. It was also low fever, headache, and sputum pain in throat, but the degree was heavier.Get up, it should be infected with the new crown, but because the relevant information is very small, the hospital also treats us as an ordinary bacterial infection. "Yani told the Health Times reporter.

Yani’s husband and twin daughter, the interviewee confessed.

After 2 weeks, the symptoms have basically disappeared, Yani: Don’t take it lightly in the face of the new crown

After receiving the isolation treatment for nearly two weeks, the symptoms of Yani and their daughters have basically disappeared.After the isolation, she went to the hospital for a comprehensive check -up: "Since the new crown, I injected antibodies and used some safe antipyretics and cough drugs.

Although Yani’s treatment process is relatively smooth, she still said to the Health Times reporter, "This virus is too easy to be contagious. Don’t take it lightly."

On January 8th, at the Guanghua Science and Technology Public Welfare Forum held in Shanghai, Zhang Wenhong, director of the National Infectious Disease Medical Center and director of the Infectious Department of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said that some self -media said that Omikdon caused a large influenza. "This lacks scientific basis. After studying the medical image of the Omikon infected person, he believes that this mutant strain "bite people". A country and region need a strong immune barrier and medical resources in orderThreat.

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