Women have these symptoms, congratulations, ten or nine are pregnant

Wen | Tao Ma

Xiaolin is usually a carefree person, and has no heart or lungs.During this time, I always feel that I have no appetite and often nausea and vomiting.My colleagues laughed at her and said, "Aren’t you pregnant?" Xiaolin said, "How is it? I guess it is some time ago to eat crayfish and eat too much, and the stomach is not good." After she returned homeIn the case, her husband also suspected that she was pregnant and asked her to test it.Xiaolin always felt impossible, but her husband insisted on taking her to the hospital for examination.After doing the B -ultrasound, the doctor told her that she had been pregnant for 9 weeks.Xiaolin couldn’t believe what the doctor said at all, but if he thought about it, his aunt did not come for a long time.Coupled with my nausea and vomiting recently, I woke up, and it turned out to be pregnant.Doctors criticize her and say, "You are too careless, and you haven’t discovered it for so long. Fortunately, the baby’s development is normal, and you must pay more attention in the future."

In fact, many women do not know that they are pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy. Generally speaking, if you have these symptoms, congratulations, congratulations, are pregnant.

1. Mentalomy

This is a typical symptom of women’s pregnancy. Many pregnant women discovered their pregnancy through regular holidays.If women usually have regular menstruation, but they may not come for more than 10 days this time, it may be pregnant.

2. Nausea and vomiting

There are often such bridges in television or movies: as long as the heroine is nausea and vomiting, it is basically pregnant.Although this is not 100 %, most women do have nausea and vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy.Especially in the morning, this feeling will be stronger.Pregnancy is usually about 3 months. Some pregnant women are more serious, and they may last 4 or 5 months, or even during pregnancy.Of course, there are also some pregnant women who are lucky. The entire pregnant woman is not pregnant, which is normal.

3. frequent urination

Frequent urination is also a major change in the early stages of pregnancy. Maybe you do n’t drink water much, but you will still go to the toilet.Although at this time, the uterus is constantly increasing.The enlarged uterus will constantly compress the bladder, resulting in a reduction in the capacity of the bladder, which is prone to frequent urination.Frequent urination will be relieved in the second trimester, but it will be more serious in the third trimester.Pregnant women should look at this matter with their normal hearts, and do not deliberately drink less water in order to reduce the number of times of going to the toilet, or not drink water.

4. It’s easy to get tired

Many women have a sense of tiredness in the early stages of pregnancy, as if they did not rest well the day before, this is actually a symptom in the early stages of pregnancy.What pregnant women need to do is to take more rest and don’t be too tired.When you enter the middle of pregnancy, pregnant women will feel energetic.However, in the third trimester, this feeling of fatigue will appear again.

5. chest pain

After pregnancy, another typical symptom is that the chest of pregnant women will have a pain.Some women also feel this when they come, so they do not pay attention.This change in pregnant women is mainly caused by changes in hormone levels.At the same time, pregnant women will clearly feel that the chest is larger than before.This symptom will improve after 3 months of pregnancy, and pregnant women don’t have to worry too much.

Tao Ma said: After women, women will send signals through a series of changes after pregnancy.For those careful women, they may find that they are pregnant early.For those careless women, they may not know if they are pregnant for several months, and even their children are about to be born.However, Tao Ma feels that every woman should understand the symptoms of these new pregnancy.This reminds you if you are pregnant to better protect yourself and your fetus.

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