Women during pregnancy should supplement 4 types of nutrition, which is really the top priority

Pregnancy is a process of a woman who is born in a child, and it is not easy to conceive in October.During pregnancy, women, their bodies and psychology will have various changes, especially there is a fetus in her body, and the diet will have a certain impact on the mother and the fetus.So, what should a woman eat during pregnancy?What nutrition should mothers and fetuses supplement during pregnancy?

One: Egg lean meat and fish supplement protein

Protein is the most important component of the fetus and it, and it is also the most important material component of the human body.Especially during pregnancy, the fetus and the individual of the mother need protein supply during pregnancy.During pregnancy, women should supplement protein, such as eggs, lean meat, and fish. A large amount of protein rich in these foods can strengthen the nutrition of the mother’s body.

Two: Fruit and vegetable supplement vitamins

If the fetal nervous system of the fetus enters a period of differentiation, a large amount of vitamins need to maintain nutrition. During pregnancy, pay a lot of attention to supplement vitamins, and to fully supplement various vitamins.

Three: Dairy products supplement protein and calcium

The fetus needs a comprehensive nutritional element supplement in the mother to prevent the fetus from being stable.In order to be more stable in the limbs of the fetus, the mother should eat more dairy products rich in protein and calcium in the early stages of pregnancy and pregnancy.Moms can drink two bottles of milk every day in the early stages of pregnancy, and eat another egg, so that they can try to ensure the intake of protein and calcium, which is very helpful for the healthy development of fetal limbs.

Four: The supply of calories

Women will consume a large amount of calories in the body due to the development of the fetus during pregnancy. In order to ensure the healthy development of women’s bodies and to ensure the soundness of the fetal limbs, women need a lot of calories during pregnancy.Do the intake of 150 kcal per day.

In short, during pregnancy, in order to ensure the more sound development of the fetus, you must pay attention to eating less and meals during pregnancy, do not overeating, and the food should be as light as possible.In addition, pay attention to the reasonable matching type of food, we must follow the comprehensive and comprehensive diet principle to ensure that mothers can absorb sufficient and comprehensive nutrition.

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