Women can’t get pregnant and agree to let the husband find another, then what do you do, "let it go naturally"

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Introduction: Everyone may be unfamiliar with Yang Yuancao. In fact, I did not know her before watching the documentary "The Wonderful Eggs"."Wonderful Eggs" is a documentary that focuses on women’s fertility topics. In recent years, the topic of women has attracted much attention. It has risen by women’s consciousness, and the label of fertility is closely related to women’s topics.Yang Yuancao is the director, screenwriter and producer of the documentary "Wonderful Eggs".

After watching the documentary "Wonderful Eggs", I went to the Internet to search for who Yang Yuancao was.

Because "Wonderful Eggs" moved me very much, I am curious about the director who can make such a documentary. I am curious about the director’s experience and interest, and why he can focus on the female topic.Fields.

So I knew the name Yang Yuancao.

After reading the brief introduction of Baidu Encyclopedia Yang Yuancao, I realized that this was completely a social elite.

She graduated from a famous British school with a glorious resume. She was labeled with the "Queen of Variety Models" and "Fashion Enter".

In 2007, Mick Desmond, the former CEO of ITV, set up a copyright operating company IPCN (INTERNATIONAL Program Content Network) in London and concurrently served as CEO.

And she has also won the BBC News Newcomer Award, and the documentary she has won the British Bole Award. She can feel that she is a proper social elite.Because the two works she won are documentary.

I don’t feel strange that such a social elite can touch the female group, because Yang Yuancao is a woman itself.

Women should know women better.

However, Yang Yuancao did not choose a topic such as feminism, but chose a different, more segmented labels related to fertility, which was unexpected.

Until I found another identity of Yang Yuancao -a 39 -year -old novice mother, I probably understand her choice.

In 2019, Yang Yuancao was 39 years old. In that year, she became a novice mother. The process of breeding her life made her realize the significance of her child for women.To make such a documentary, this has the birth of "Wonderful Eggs".

There is a woman who cannot be born in "Wonderful Eggs" particularly attracting my sympathy. She is a girl from Sichuan.

After marrying her husband for many years, Wen Xia has never been able to get pregnant.

In the face of the interview with the camera, Wen Xia’s husband said with a lot of words: "Thirty to marry a wife and have a child, there is no filial piety, there are three times.Hope. "

What would he do if he really had no children?

The husband said that he had never thought about it. At this time, Wen Xia, who had always dodged his eyes when the husband was talking, said, "It’s not possible, let him find another one."

The reporter then asked her, "What do you do?"

She said, "It’s like this, find a child for him, because he is very … he wants to have a child, but what can I do if I can’t give birth. Our strength is not allowed to be allowed.That’s it."

In the end, Wen Xia choked.

And throughout her, her husband had a smile, and there seemed to be no special feeling to what she said, and he did not comfort his sobbing wife.

It was this very short picture that deeply touched me, making me have a deep sympathy for Wen Xia, a woman who could not give birth from Sichuan.

I want to tell Wenxia that it is not your error to be able to give birth. Similarly, you are not worthy of having a man who does not comfort you when you cry when you cry.

I really want to talk to my readers about what a good marriage is.

A good marriage is actually not necessarily related to the child. Of course, some children may add icing on the cake.

A good marriage in my mind is mutual understanding, supporting each other, and becoming a better self together.

These factors have nothing to do with children.

The purpose of marriage is not to be passed down from generation to generation. When a man says that he is filial piety, he really has a filial piety in his daily life?

He was just forcibly pulling a shameful cloth for his feudal and absurd thought.

In the documentary "Strange Eggs", Wen Xia said that she always felt that she was inferior, and others could have children for her husband, but she couldn’t, and felt that she would feel sorry for him.

I want to tell Wenxia that it is not necessary.

Everyone lives in this world. It has its own value. Your value is not that you have children, nor are you please your husband, but should be pursuing yourself a better yourself.

You have to have your own life, your own world, you are not sorry for anyone.

Instead, I feel that your husband should reflect even more. He is sorry for you. The marriage he instilled for you is the idea of passing the seizure, which is completely wrong and absurd.

Don’t think about how to have children for him, thinking about how to divorce such a man is a better choice.

In this world, there is no age to get married, only love that must be married.

If the purpose of marriage is only a passing of the seizure, then such a marriage, don’t.

It is recommended that everyone can take a look at this documentary "Wonderful Eggs". We pay attention to women, especially those who are in a weak woman in marriage.

It is not their mistakes that cannot be given birth, but the husband who cannot fertility is their wrong husband, in fact, the wrong person.

I don’t want Wen Xia to have a child for his husband, I hope Wenxia can be happy.


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