Women can vomit 50 times a day during pregnancy and can do anything. After childbirth, they have to re -practice walking

Women are very fragile when they are pregnant. They not only need to be very cautious in their actions, they need to pay attention to eating a lot, and even many pregnant women will vomit if they eat much.Just like this pregnant woman we are talking about today, we vomit more than 50 times a day. Not only will you vomit, you will vomit even if you drink water or even turn over. It is too tortured.

According to foreign media reports on May 24, the woman is called Hannah Dalton, who is 30 years old and is from Benflyt from Essex County, England.When she was pregnant with her second daughter, she suffered from pregnancy drama. She vomited 50 times a day. She had to stay in bed every 6 months in the first six months, and she could only move by wheelchair in the next 3 months.

According to reports, Hannah was pregnant in August last year, and she began to vomit more than ten times a day in the early stages of pregnancy.When she was a big daughter, she experienced a period of pregnancy, but she was far from being so serious this time.Severe vomiting symptoms make Hannah unable to act, eat, drink water and work, let alone take care of the 3 -year -old daughter.

Hannah said: "At that time, anything around me would trigger my vomiting, such as music, food, or what I could see and hear. I can’t see my favorite TV show, and I can’t accompany my daughter to watch cartoons.Because these will cause me to vomit, and even turn over will trigger my vomiting. "

(Hannah Dalton and big daughter)

Hannah went on to say, "I have tried to eat something I like, but it still doesn’t work. I can’t even drink water. In the later period of 3 months, I can only take a popsicle to take the liquid. So when I go to the hospital, I go to the hospitalDuring delivery, I have severe malnutrition, dehydration and hair loss. "

On April 2, 2019, HANNAH finally gave birth. Although he experienced so much torture during pregnancy, the younger daughter was very healthy and weighed 6 pounds and 10 ounces (about 6 catties) at birth.It is magical that after giving birth, HANNAH’s symptoms disappeared. She felt like she began to have a new life, but because she hadn’t walked for a long time, she still needed to re -practice walking.

(Hannah’s husband and little daughter)

Hannah said: "After giving birth, I ate my favorite toast and tea after giving birth, and I didn’t vomit at all. I even took a picture. I am very happy.Yes, my children are very healthy. "Netizens were scared by Hannah’s severe vomiting after watching it. Everyone said that she has been survived for 9 months. Mother love is really great.

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