Women are happy to have a miscarriage in 4 months during pregnancy, and it is difficult to keep the other. After a year, heartbreak

As a result, he didn’t let him eat it for half a year."Zou Dan choked choked. In the ward of a hospital in Hebei, Zou Dan scooped out the medicine in the bottle with a small spoon and sent it to his son Shen Haoyan’s mouth. The black medicine was full of bitter taste.Swallowed it with a bite, like a tasting of sugar water, "啧". Zou Dan still remembers that in September 2022, Hao Yan cried and wanted to eat bananas.Eating, but now half a year has passed, Hao Yan still failed to eat the bananas of his heart. The picture shows Haoyan drinking medicine.

Surviving twins

Hao Yan was a lucky child. When Zou Dan was pregnant in 2019, the doctor checked that she was pregnant with twins, and the family was happy when she knew it.However, the world was unpredictable. Until more than four months of delivery, Zou Dan was told that one of the two children in her stomach had flowed inexplicably."I don’t know why, I felt particularly sad at the time." Before he had time to meet, he lost one child. Zou Dan was extremely sad. Then, in order to keep another one, she was hospitalized many times. After unremitting efforts, she finally finally worked in 2020.The birth of Haoyan on September 15.The picture shows the cute Haoyan.

However, Hao Yan is an unfortunate child.As the child who was lucky to survive in twins, Haoyan was loved by Zou Dan and her husband, but the fate was so impermanent. In early April 2022, Hao Yan, who was just one and a half years old, always cried and shouted his leg pain. April 5thAfter the fever began day and evening, the couple of Zou Dan took him into the hospital for examination and found that the child’s platelet was extremely low. The doctor asked to be hospitalized quickly. Zou Dan suddenly had a bad hunch.The next day, Haoyan’s platelets were still declining, and the high fever never retreated. He had to call Zou Dan to transfer to a hospital in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.The picture shows Hao Yan on the bed.

The doctor in the hospital immediately arranged the bone marrow puncture. Hao Yan’s small body was lying on the operating table. Zou Dan held his son’s hand tightly. The doctor asked her to leave.He shouted: "Mom and dad should not leave, mom and dad take me home." Haoyan’s harsh crying came from the disposal room, this is the first time since birth to children.Crying, Zou Dan cried sighed on the ground, his heart hurt as if he was cut by a knife.Two days later, the bone through report was handed to her hand and saw the words of acute myeloid leukemia, Zou Dan felt like a hit, buzzing, and blank.The picture shows Zou Dan and his son Hao Yan.

High fever that continues to be retreated

After the diagnosis, the doctor gave the treatment plan as a chemotherapy and controlled infection while treating infections.Strangely, Haoyan’s high fever has not signs of fading. He has been asleep for more than 40 days, burning to more than 39 degrees every day, and heating up every 4 hours after taking the fever medicine.The doctor could not drop with a variety of antibiotics high fever. Zou Dan did not dare to leave at the time of the child’s bed, and washed his face with tears every day."At that time, I was particularly helpless and felt deeply guilty. Such a small child would suffer such a great crime." She cried.The picture shows Haoyan who is asleep on the bed.

After treatment, Haoyan finally had a fever after 40 days, and people began to be a little spiritual, formally starting chemotherapy.The side effects of chemotherapy also followed, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Looking at the lively and lovely son in the past, lying sickly lying there, with a variety of potions on the body for 24 hours, and the child was thin from 24 pounds.By 18 pounds, Zou Dan often sneaked in tears at night alone.After the two courses are over, the children’s genes have not yet turned yin and need to be transplanted.After inquiring from many parties, the couple decided to go north.The picture shows Haoyan and mother.

However, the two courses have spent a few savings at home. Before leaving, Hao Yan’s father Shen Rongfa and Grandpa borrowed money along the village house to house, borrowed all the relatives and friends who could borrow it, and Grandpa took out himself.The coffin book was stuffed to Shen Rongfa, allowing them to cure his grandson anyway.On June 23, 2022, the Haoyan family came to a hospital in Hebei. The doctor asked to continue chemotherapy and then transplanted with bone marrow.The picture shows Haoyan.

After a course of treatment, on August 17, 2022, Haoyan entered the warehouse and transplanted, and Zou Dan entered the warehouse to accompany him.After the child enters the warehouse, he especially wants to eat bananas. He is crying for half of his time, but because of diet, the child cannot eat. Zou Dan has to comfort Hao Yan: "Baby, you can eat it when you go out of the position." Zou Dan looked forward to the day of the warehouse,She thought that the level of the transplantation could usher in the dawn of hope, but I did not expect that the child began a severe skin rejection as soon as the child was out of the position on September 14, and brought out intestinal rejection and lung rejection. Every day, every day.Dozens of diarrhea have to be forbidden for more than a month.The picture shows the changes before and after Haoyan’s illness.

In mid -November, the child’s intestinal rejection has just improved a bit. The doctor suggested that you can increase the amount of food to the child, eat a small amount, three or four times a day.Shen Rongfa needs to cook according to the frequency of the child’s meal. One more than ten degrees at 8.9 pm, and went to the hospital to send a porridge. Hao Yan looked at his father’s frozen face and said, "Dad is hard." AlsoOnce Zou Dan wore a pair of socks with a pair of toes, and was seen by Hao Yan. He said, "Mom, when I grow up, I will buy you socks and wear shoes."All the efforts are particularly worth it. "Zou Dan said sadly.The picture shows Zou Dan.

However, Haoyan’s skin rejection and intestinal rejection are still repeated, coupled with the infection of the lungs in a special period, and has been in hospital anti -exclusion therapy.For half a year when the child moved to the plant, Zou Dan failed to let the child eat bananas, and she was guilty.

From Haoyan’s illness to the present, the family has spent more than 12 million, and foreign debt owes more than 500,000. The long back rejection in the back will cost at least 500,000 yuan for treatment fees.Zou Dan is from rural areas in Ningqiang County, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi. There are no houses or cars. The accumulated 200,000 accumulated for many years has been spent in the second course of treatment."On the one hand, the son of serious illness is a huge amount of medicine. What should I do in the next treatment?" Zou Dan held Hao Yan at the hospital, full of helplessness.The picture shows Zou Dan and his son.(Text | Banxia Picture | Family Provided)

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