Without sex, why did she get pregnant?The doctor reminded that the rumors of these contraception are not shallow

Yesterday, many doctors discussed cases in the north of Tiannanhai.During the period, a female doctor of obstetrics and gynecology talked about such a case, as follows:

"My patient, 30 weeks pregnant, I told me that I must have a cesarean section when I came to the birth check. I asked her why she had to clicks? Caesarean section needed to be indicated. Finally, she quietly told me,I am still a virgin, I have no sexual life, I get pregnant unexpectedly when I was stunned. "

Maybe everyone looks incredible, and it is not uncommon clinically.I once encountered a patient who had a child or a virgin patient. I refused to let me check my life. The reason is that it is the same as the patient in the above case.

The two patients mentioned above are still lucky. They are pregnant. The man is willing to be responsible or for children.Although Fengzi was married, the ending was quite complete.

However, not all girls are so lucky, and more real cases are -discovering accidental pregnancy and abortion.

I have encountered a 25 -year -old girl. Because I was anxious after an accidental pregnancy, I was worried that I would no longer be pregnant, afraid that I could not recover after abortion, and even caused serious psychological problems, and even caused urinary incontinence.

This kind of patients are not a minority. Investigation and research shows that after miscarriage, women who have lived in self -blame and frustration all the time.Over time, healed.

In 2017, there was a survey of gender protection, and the results showed that 18.8%of the respondents believed that it was absolutely safe for men to ejaculate or terminate ejaculation;The interviewees believe that men will not get pregnant without reaching a orgasm. After the shower is rinsed or bathing, they will not get pregnant, and they will not get pregnant if they stand in sexual behavior …

There are still many female college students or white -collar workers in such a wrong sexual knowledge. I have to say, girls, do you have such a difference in protective ability for yourself?

These important and common sense of protecting their own should be firmly remembered!

First, the "safety period" is not safe

Do not look at the safety period or ovulation period calculated by various software and APPs all day long.The human body is not a computer. It is not so accurate. It is common for ovulation a few days in advance or pushing after each menstrual cycle or after pushing. There is no so -called "safety period" at all!

Second, in vitro radon is not reliable

Before male ejaculation, a small amount of semen and prostate fluid may flow out of the urethral opening. Even if men have enough self -control ability, even if there is no injecting, sperm may flow into the vagina, which is enough to cause women to get pregnant.What’s more, men who think they can be controlled are often faced by facts.

Third, "I don’t get pregnant", this is the biggest lie

No insertion sex life does not mean infertility.There are holes in the hymen, otherwise where do menstruation flow?The reproductive organs do not enter, and it does not mean that sperm will not run in.If the boyfriend’s fingers are stained with semen and your fingers are directly exposed to the vagina, you may also cause pregnancy.

Fourth, rinse the vagina after sexual life and cannot contraception

Many women think that after sexual life, take a bath or rinse the vagina immediately, or take out the semen to contraception.This is simply whimsical.The speed of sperm is fast. When you get up and take a bath and rinse the vagina, thousands of sperm have entered the uterus, what is the use of rinse!

When you are deep, you can’t help it. This is a humanistic, but the measures to be done must not be less.

"I just stunned, don’t go in", "I don’t wear a sleeve, but I can’t shoot in the end" …

Does it look familiar?In the eyes of men who say these words, "蹭 蹭, not injecting", as if pulling hands and kissing, will not bring any impact and harm to women.

This is to stand and speak without back pain. They can never suffer about the pain of aborted women. A man who is not responsible is not worth paying.

In addition to men, there are also women who do not care about themselves. They claim that "my boyfriend and I have never been contraceptive, it’s okay for two or three years."

Not ashamed and proud, this attitude is also speechless.

Adults, applauding for love, it is understandable, but do not take your own health to take risks, let alone get on the car first.

If you don’t want to take medicine, use a condom well, and the correct contraceptive effect is about 98%.

Do not overestimate your size, do not use the sleeve that is "broken" or exceed the shelf life, exhaust before using, and wear a sleeve all the way.

In addition to the reliable contraceptive effect, condoms can also reduce the risk of infectious transmission diseases, and strongly recommend it!

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