Within a few days of pregnancy, can you use saffron to abandon with saffron?

Within a few days of pregnancy, I don’t want children, but I dare not go to the hospital.Can I skate the tire by taking safflowers by myself?

Most women who have such problems are that there are too many poisonous palace fighting dramas in recent years. In the palace fighting drama, if a concubine wants to let another concubine abortion, as long as she drinks red flowers or put some musk.

But in reality, the abortion is much more comparable to the sliding plot of the harem.Take a step back in 10,000 steps. If safflower can really slide the tire, there are many medical treatment in the future.

During the feudal period, the entire country provided a royal family with the nourishment of the world. After the tires of the concubines slipped, they must be properly taken care of.But if you secretly slippen the tire at home, I am afraid it will not be taken well.Therefore, for female friends who accidentally get pregnant and do not want children, they cannot use safflower.

If you use safflower tires at home without permission, it may cause very serious consequences. For example, the most common ones will cause a lot of bleeding, and it will also cause maternal blood loss shock, which will threaten life in severe cases.If you decide not to want a child, you must go to the regular hospital under the guidance of a doctor, use drug abortion or artificial abortion to terminate pregnancy.

Female friends should not use medicine to terminate their pregnancy without authorization, so as not to cause irreparable consequences in clinical practice.

Because safflower has the effect of promoting blood circulation, if women take red flowers during pregnancy, it will cause abortion for a long time.The main role of safflower is to promote blood circulation and disseminate stasis and relieve pain. To a certain extent, it can help the treatment of menstrual closed, dysmenorrhea, dew, heart pain, stagnation abdominal pain, chest tingling, bruises, sore swelling and pain, sore swelling and painWaiting for the disease, but it is disabled for pregnant women, because the blood circulation effect of safflower will cause abortion to a certain extent.

In addition, during pregnancy, the choice of drugs is best to ask the doctor’s suggestion. If you accidentally drink safflower, it is recommended to conduct a birth check as soon as possible to prevent the embryo and even the mother’s health.

The medicinal value of safflower is particularly high. It can promote human blood circulation. For people with cold hands and feet and weakness, soaking with saffron can effectively improve.In addition, safflower can improve sleep quality. For women, safflower can relieve dysmenorrhea.

The simplest way to take safflower is to drink water, but the amount is a problem.It is recommended that you put seven or eight roots at one time when taking saffron.The flavor is still strong for three to four consecutive times.

The medicinal value of safflower is relatively high, and it is easy to nourish too much in one -time waste.

If some endings are not expected, this consequences should be avoided at the source, such as contraception.

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