With a business trip with a married male colleague, accidentally having a relationship, and getting pregnant, can I marry him?

My name is Liu Yayu, and I am a quiet person.But I did not expect that in half a year of employment, my life changed dramatically.

After graduating from college in June last year, I entered the company’s planning department.The department is very small, only 4 people.When I first came in, only the male colleague Zhang Lei was enthusiastic about me. She helped me to deal with all the problems, teach me to understand the work and understand the work.After a long time, I not only had a sense of dependence on him, but also had an unspeakable sense of trust and security.Since then, no matter what Zhang Lei said, I have been regarded as my own thing.

In early June, because of work needs, Zhang Lei and I went to Xi’an to travel.On the first day of Xi’an, because of relatively few work, we returned to the hotel early.Zhang Lei asked me to go out, and I agreed quickly.I feel easy to be with him.He was very humorous, and he didn’t have so many bending thoughts, which made me very reliable.I chatted too much.Zhang Lei helped me back to the hotel.

That night, we fell asleep together.That night, I was very happy.Since breaking up with my boyfriend, I have n’t been with the man alone for a long time.Zhang Lei’s caress made me intoxicated.All night, I was deeply intoxicated with him.

I know that we will not have results.Because Zhang Lei is a married person, it is said that his children are in kindergarten, but because of work, he has separated from his lover for a long time.Since he has a family, he will not give me any results.Of course, I am still young and don’t want to have any results with him.There is no need to make trouble for you to die.

To my surprise, in July, I found that I was pregnant.There is no doubt that it is Zhang Lei, because during this time I haven’t been in contact with any man.Now, I am very contradictory, what should I do?I told Zhang Lei about this, he said he would be responsible for me.But how do he be responsible?What should the children in the stomach do?Am I going to replace his lover and marry him?But I haven’t thought about getting married yet!Now I am contradictory.


Girl, don’t hesitate, hurry up and deal with the child, the sooner the better!

In other words, some cruelty, but you should recognize the facts: First, colleagues have a family, why do you involve?Do you can ensure that the relationship between you and him can surpass the relationship between him and his wife?To put it plainly, he has just been lonely for a long time and wants to have a relationship with you, that’s all.You have no emotional foundation, without basic basic conditions, just because you are pregnant, you can’t get what you want;

Second, this male colleague is unreliable and is not an ideal marriage object.A man, in the case of a family, is easy to have a relationship with female colleagues, is not responsible for the family, is not responsible for you, and is not responsible for work.Do you dare to ask such a man?Third, since there is no plan to get married, don’t easily enter the palace of marriage.Moreover, it entered in this way.

Therefore, this child doesn’t make any sense to you.If he said, that is, you can see that the male colleague should beware of him in the future.This is the most important thing.

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