Will you get pregnant unexpectedly after the ring?Anyway, the baby is dumbfounded after birth

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Ms. Liang brought bad after giving birth to her daughter. It has been many years, and she thinks she will not get pregnant anymore.However, Ms. Liang recently found that her abdomen was slightly bulging, and she felt a little pain and bleeding in her lower body to go to the hospital for examination, fearing that she would suffer from cancer.After more than 30 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Liang said that her menstruation was irregular, and she had been bad for many years. She never thought that she would be pregnant.Due to the signs of Ms. Liang’s property, the doctor had an emergency induction of labor and gave birth to a male baby.But when the baby was born, the doctor was shocked. The doctor said that the baby was discharged together with the amniotic fluid during the production, but the baby was grabbing the contraceptive in his hands, which made her really surprised.Condition.

Although the baby was born with a contraceptor, he was still a healthy baby.However, the couple who reminded contraception again that no contraceptive measures do not have the accuracy of 100%, and even a 2%failure rate is ligated.Therefore, when you find that you have the following reactions, it is best to go to the hospital to check for some pregnancy and prepare for the next step.

Auntie didn’t come

The most obvious feature after pregnancy is menopause. Although some women will still come to menstruation after pregnancy, the menstrual flow is relatively small at this time, and the time is relatively short.


After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will find that they have extreme reactions to some gas, and they especially like and vomit abnormal disgusting, but this may have a certain relationship with hormones secreted by the body after pregnancy.

Frequent urination

After pregnancy, the bladder is compressed by the expansion of the uterus, causing more liquids in the bladder. At this time, the pregnant mother always feels like going to the toilet, and every time I feel that the urine is not clean. This feeling will continue until the third trimester.


After pregnancy, the pregnant mother will feel fatigue, fatigue, and drowsiness. This is because the suengitone automatically secreted by the body after pregnancy, while protecting the fetus, has other effects.


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