Will you get a "disease" when you sit on a hot stool in summer?Doctor: These two things on the stool are more dangerous!

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Recently, a topic of "why can’t you sit on the hot stool of others" rushed to a hot search.

A netizen asked questions that someone got out of the bus on the bus. A boy next to him wanted to sit, but a aunt who was in the same car reminded that he would wait for the seat to be cold before sitting.

Why not sit?

There are many rumors about "hot bench" about others:

◆ Don’t sit on a hot stool!Sit over the chairman’s hemorrhoids …

◇ I heard that the stool can’t sit while hot, otherwise the butt will grow acne!

◆ Um, I heard that it will infect gynecological diseases, sexually transmitted diseases

◇ Will the hot stool sitting in a man get pregnant?IntersectionIntersection

Now enter the summer, go out, squeeze buses, take subways, live hotels … there will be a hot bench.

Is it necessary to have a small bench when fighting workers to commute?Ah, this is too difficult …

Hot stool infectious disease?

These two things are more dangerous!

Summer is coming, the sun is hot, and the sun is strong

A lot of sweat in the human body, large skin exposure area

Most people estimate that the hot bench has the same view, that is, it feels that some people’s material is attached to it, and there will always be a disgusting in the heart.

Liang Fang, director of the Department of General Medicine of the Seventh People’s Hospital of Chengdu, said: "Sitting on the hot bench of others is infected with disease, it is still very difficult."

● After the pathogen leaves the human body, it is difficult to survive;

● It is necessary to have a pathogen with sufficient infection and activity;

● People who come into contact with the pathogen, the skin and mucous membranes are just damaged at the same time and expose the pathogen, and it is possible to be infected when the self -immunity is low.

Xiaokang feels that it may be more difficult to meet the probability of the above conditions.

At the same time, she suggested: "Rather than seeing the heat of the chair, it is better to look at the chair is dirty or dirty! For example, there is blood on the stool or residual body fluid residue (such as sputum), it is really dirty, then it needs to be dealt with!"

Blood and body fluid are one of the main ways to infect diseases.

Secondly, sweat (itself) also needs everyone to pay attention.

Because women’s urethra is inherently short, the urethral opening is near the perineum, so women are more likely to be invaded in vitro bacteria than men.

After a long -seated summer, the perineum will appear impermeable, causing local skin to fever and sweat. It is in a humid and dull state, especially in summer, and the habit of long -term urination. ThereforeLarge reproduction may eventually lead to urinary tract infection.

Will he hemorrhoids in the hot bench of others?

First of all, hemorrhoids are not infectious diseases, are not infectious, and will not hook up your "chrysanthemum" because your butt is hot.

Secondly, the cause of hemorrhoids is that the blood circulation of the anorectal part is not smooth, and the soft vein group formed by the venous flexion and expansion caused by blood reflux disorders. Among them, constipation, long -term drinking, eating a large amount of irritating food and long -standing stand are the main causes.

Sitting on the hot bench of others, will it attract skin diseases?

If there is a chair who has been sitting in a patient with infectious skin.(Such as pustules from patients with pustules to the seats, small pimples, blisters, or scales of patients with athletes and athletes.

If the people behind them sit down immediately, the skin of the seat is exactly exposed and there is a damage, it is possible to be infected.

So sitting on the hot bench of others may infect skin diseases, but the probability is very low!

Will you get pregnant after sitting on the hot bench of others?

Everyone is an adult, so don’t make such a joke!

First of all, pregnancy requires Mr. Sperm to meet with Miss Egg, and he is happy to form fertilized eggs before he can get pregnant.How can a stool be able to make sperm and eggs encounter ~

Secondly, the sperm can only survive for a few seconds in vitro, let alone the dual blessing of inner and outer pants.

If you can conceive, you can only be lonely!

What should I pay attention to when exposing public facilities?

For regular cleaning and dry and sanitary public places, there is not much risk of infectious diseases.

1. Stay away from where the humid and clean conditions are poor

Some places such as public toilets have poor cleaning conditions and humidity. It is easy to become a breeding ground for germs, and it is still as far as possible.

2. Wash your face as soon as you go home and wash your hands

The dust in the air is easily precipitated in the skin pores, and the hand may be exposed to a large amount of public facilities every day. When there is no cleaning, it is often easy to transmit the preliminaries of the pathogenic in the mouth and nose.

Therefore, to wash your hands frequently, and use the sterilization effect, you can better protect your personal hygiene.

3. Pay attention to avoid more people gathering more occasions

Wear a mask in an environment where people are pneumatic.

You have heard "Can’t sit on the hot stool of others"

Is such a statement?

Do you choose to sit on someone else’s hot stool?

Source: Chengdu Business Daily Sichuan famous doctor

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