Will women with high incidence of breast fibroma be cancer?Early understanding and prevention

Breast fibroma is actually a benign tumor on young women, because it is mainly composed of gland epithelial tissue and fibrous tissue, so it is called breast fibroma.

Modern studies have shown that the occurrence of female breast fibroma is mainly related to the highness of estrogen in the body. Under the long -term effects of estrogen, the proliferation and fibrous tissue overweight and the proliferation are proliferated, and tumors are formed.

Because the occurrence of breast fibroma is mainly related to estrogen, it is more common in young women, and women with menstruation before and after menstruation are rare.

However, Chinese medicine believes that breast fibroma has a lot to do with emotion.

Due to the lofty spirit, the foot Jueyin liver meridians follow the breasts near the breast. If you have a long -term mood depression and troublesome, liver qi will stagnate near the chest, resulting in poor qi and blood operation.Tumor formation.

Most mammal fibroma can only be manifested as a small lump, and there are no particularly obvious symptoms. Generally, they are found inadvertently. Some patients will have symptoms such as boring mood and low mood.

Breast fibroma is generally circular or oval, with clear border, neat edges, smooth surfaces, no tenderness, large activity, and no adhesion to the skin. The diameter is about 1 to 3 cm.Growth is relatively slow.

1. Color ultrasound.This is the simplest and most commonly used check method. It can show the structure of the breasts and the size, form and echo of the tumor.

2. X -ray.This method of checking is relatively small now, especially for adolescent girls with dense breasts, and it is not suitable to use breast X -ray photography.

3. Biopsy for breast mass.It is the most accurate method. When the traditional method cannot be confirmed, a biopsy method is used to be used for a clear diagnosis.

Generally speaking, if the lump does not affect normal life, there is no symptoms, and development can be selected without surgical resection, but close observation is needed.

If it is found that breast fibroma is increasing, and a blood flow signal appears in the mass, or the patient is preparing to be pregnant in the near future, surgery is needed.

1. Keep your mood comfortable, avoid psychological tension, and communicate with others to prevent depression.

2. Maintain good living habits, scientific work science time, regular and reasonable diet.

3. Those who have a family history can be checked regularly to avoid changes in the condition.

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