Will the sperm flowing out after the same room affect pregnancy?

Some people often ask, "The semen will flow out after the same room, is it not easy to get pregnant?" Some people are in order to prevent semen from coming out of the same room to raise their hips and sleep for one night.Woolen cloth?

Will the sperm flowing out after the same room affect pregnancy?

We know that semen is composed of sperm and sperm.Sperm pulp is a carrier of the secretion of epididymis, seminal vesicles, prostate and urethral gland and venom. It is a carrier tool transmitted from the male reproductive tract to the female reproductive tract, and it is also a buffer substance.Polarized sperm pulp can neutralize the acidity of the vaginal fluid, thereby protecting sperm from damage.Some ingredients in the sperm, if sugar, etc. can also provide nutrition and energy for sperm, and maintain a certain amount of permeability, which is conducive to the survival of sperm. Fish is inseparable from clean and nutritious water.

After male ejaculation, the semen will be stored in the posterior dome of the female vagina. The healthy and vibrant little fish-the sperm quickly leaves the semen pool of the postpin and enters the cervical canal.The shrinkage of the uterus and the peristalsis of the endometrium passed through the cervical mucus, through the uterine cavity, and finally reached the fertilized area, that is, the belly of the tubal pot, and the sturgeon left in the vagina completed its mission.Instead, those liquids produced by female genitals when they have deformity, no vitality, dead sperm and other ingredients and sexual excitement in semen.

The outflow time of semen is related to the position of sexual intercourse, the size of the vaginal capacity, the amount of semen, and the parts of the semen.The angle of vaginal and horizontal positions is small, and semen is more likely to flow out of the body due to gravity.

In addition, if the vaginal volume of the wife is small, or if the husband ejaculates a large amount of essential, the part of the ejaculation is shallow (such as the ejaculation of some patients with a urethra), it is prone to premature semen overflow.At this time, in order to ensure that as much sperm as much as possible to enter the cervix, the hips can be raised appropriately after sexual intercourse to prevent the semen from overflowing the vagina prematurely and increasing the chance of conception.

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