Will the fever burn the brain?The child’s fever is treated, and the pediatrician made clear at one time

Every winter is a child’s cold and fever season. When children have a fever, many parents are often at a loss.What should I do if my child is hot?Will the fever burn the brain?

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1. Which part of the child is better to measure the body temperature?

Huang Zhiheng, deputy chief physician of Fudan University Affiliated Pediatric Hospital, explained in the Personal WeChat public publication article that armpits and ears are conventional measurement sites.Taking armpit temperature as an example, 37.5 ~ 38 ℃ is low heat; 38.1 ~ 38.9 ℃ is moderate heating; 39.0-40.9 ℃ is high heat; ≥41.0 ° C is super high fever.①

2. Do children take fever?

Dr. Huang Zhiheng said, not necessarily!

Children’s armpit temperature ≥ 38.2 ℃ (oral temperature ≥38.5 ° C, anal temperature ≥39 ℃) and <or) are obviously unshawd. It is recommended to use antipyretic treatment.It is recommended to cool down the fever within 3 months.

It should be noted that there are only two types of child antipyretic medicines: ibuprofen, to acetamin!Ibuprofen is the only child antipyretic medicine in the World Health Organization and the United States FDA.①

3. Children have fever, do parents go to the hospital immediately?

What should parents do?Huang Lisu, director of the Department of Infection of the Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, said on November 14th in the WeChat public number of the hospital’s WeChat public account that in general, if the child’s mental state is acceptable, the appetite is not affected, and the play is as usual. It is recommended to have a fever in this case. It is recommendedParents are dominated by home care and keep close observations.School -age children, if there are no signs of improvement for more than 2 days, go to the hospital for treatment.②

4. Will the child "burn the brain" without fever?

Dr. Huang Lisu explained that high body temperature means that the inflammation response is relatively high.Heating does not burn your brain. You need to worry about the situation of "burning your brain": one is the infected pathogen or toxin directly enter the cranialOptical individual constitution.Therefore, when fever, "comfort" is extremely important, and the general problem with good spirit can eat and play.②

5. Children’s fever, is it useful to use antipyretic stickers?

Cai Zhibo, deputy director of the Department of Pharmacy of the Children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, said in a healthy period in 2019 that the antipyretic post is not a medicine, it belongs to medical equipment.Medical equipment does not need to verify its curative effect like medicine. It does not have strict scientific verification by the so -called antipyretic effects. Parents should not hold great hope on the antipyretic stickers.comfort.The two drugs of acetaminol and ibuprofen are recommended by the World Health Organization and the safest antipyretic medicine for children.③

6. If the child has a fever at night, do you want to wake up the medicine?

Wu Yan, chief physician of the pediatric department of Shougang Hospital of Peking University, said at the Health Times in 2020 that the fever itself is only one of the manifestations of many diseases, and the child’s body is actively fighting the disease.We give children an antipyretic medicine to reduce the temperature to normal levels, relieve the discomfort caused by fever, and make the child feel more comfortable.If the child sleeps comfortably and stable: breathing is stable, body temperature is less than 38.5 ° C, and there is no shocking performance.Resting can restore everyone from infection faster.If the child is hot, he must let him rest well, which is good for recovery.④

7. The higher the temperature of the child, the heavier the condition?

Luofi, chief physician of the Pediatric Department of Pediatric Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guangdong Province, said in the Health Time News and magazines that high fever could not indicate that the condition was serious.Infants and young children have undergone the development of the center of the body temperature and volatility of the body temperature.The symptoms of children should be observed.For example, some children have high fever to 39.0 ° C, but they have good energy, good appetite, warm limbs, and no convulsions. Such children do not have to worry too much, just fever and wait patiently.On the contrary, some children have a body temperature of 38 ° C, but they have poor mental and bad appetite. They should have a good manner in sleep, and they should seek medical treatment early.In other words, parents should not only stare at their body temperature. What is important is to pay attention to the mental state of their children.④

8. When the child is fever, what are the cases, must you go to the hospital immediately?

Dr. Huang Lisu reminded that if the child has the following situations, he must go to the hospital immediately:

(1) There are obvious dehydration performance such as small urination and decrease in tears;

(2) Continuous high fever, body temperature exceeding 39 degrees, baby temperature within March of 38 degrees;

(3) Babies under 6 months, babies with premature babies or chronic diseases (such as malnutrition and congenital heart disease)

Frequent vomiting, diarrhea, and unable to eat;

(4) Bleeding stool;

(5) In addition to showing symptoms of diarrhea, other organs such as coma and convulsions also occur.

(6) In addition, if the child has hissing, difficulty in breathing, or fever, it is accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting, etc., and seek medical treatment in time.②

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