Will the fetus "hiccup"?Mom’s second understanding

For those who are a mother for the first time, they are always careful during pregnancy. Each birth check is like a breakthrough, which affects the heart of pregnant mothers.Although the process of breeding is very hard, it feels unspeakable to think of a small life with my heartbeat.Especially after the baby has fetal movement, the happiness of pregnant mothers will be particularly strong.

By the end of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will find that the baby’s fetal movement has also begun to change.The feeling of blowing bubbles from the small fish turned into a punches and kicks, and it would tremble.In fact, fetal activities can be divided into two types, activities and snoring, and many unswatable pregnant mothers are often confused.

Generally, after twenty weeks, the fetus starts to snoring, and the pregnant mother will feel the shake in the stomach, and it is very regular.For the first pregnant mother, this feeling is amazing.

1. Why does the fetus snoring

When Xiao Li was 7 months pregnant, I felt that the baby in the stomach would often snoring. She had no experience to search online and saw that some people said that the fetal snoring was frequent because the lungs were not good.Li, thinking that there was something wrong with the baby, and hurried to the hospital for examination with an uneasy mood.

The doctor told her that the hiccup of the fetus was very normal.The baby will feel boring in the mother’s belly, so he will constantly swallow amniotic fluid. If it is stimulated to the diaphragm, snoring will appear, but this is a normal reaction during the development of the baby.EssenceAfter listening to the doctor’s words, Xiao Li’s heart finally let go.

2. How to distinguish the fetal movement and hiccup

For mothers who have given birth to a baby, it is easy to distinguish the difference between fetal movement and snoring, but mothers who are pregnant for the first time may not be.In fact, there is still a big difference between fetal movement and baby snoring. Careful pregnant mothers can feel it carefully.

The fetal movement appears earlier. When many pregnant mothers are about 16 weeks, they will feel that the belly is scratched by feathers. This is the initial fetal movement.But at this time, the fetus was relatively small, and the movement range was not very large. The fetal movements felt very gentle.

From the beginning of the pregnancy, as the fetus is getting bigger and stronger, the movement is becoming more and more powerful, and the pregnant mothers will feel that the fetal movement is very strong.When working or walking, he was suddenly kicked by the little guy. When the fetal movement was large, we could even see that the pregnant mother’s belly would bulge.

Compared with the fetal movement, the range of snoring is relatively small, and it is very regular.In the middle and late pregnancy, when the fetus hiccups, the mother will feel a regular tremor, once in about 2-3 seconds, it will last for 2-3 minutes, which may be longer.

Whether it is fetal movement or hiccup, the baby is a baby to send a signal to the mother, telling the mother that I am developing well now.As a pregnant mother, although you have to experience various physical discomfort during the pregnancy, thinking of the little guy in the stomach, all the hardships have disappeared."Women are weak, and they are just a mother" to pay tribute to all mothers.

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