Will the fertilized eggs feel like a successful bed?If 3 signals appear, it means that "good pregnancy comes"

Pregnancy is a happy thing for husband and wife who wants babies, but many young pregnant mothers often notice until they are pregnant for several months, which will have a great impact on the fetus.The check -up may lead to stopping or premature birth.Therefore, women with pregnancy must understand the symptoms of pregnancy.So, what will you feel like to go to bed in the fertilized eggs? Let’s take a look together.

1. Little abdominal pain

After the fertilized eggs, there will be a slight abdomen pain after bed, but many people do not care. Most women will have some abnormal changes when they are in bed.The intake of intake is as far away from the toxic substances as much as possible, and do not touch radiation.

2. Symptoms of bed bleeding or spasm

Even when the fertilized eggs are in bed, there are some obvious symptoms of manifestations, but some people may not feel due to different constitution.If you have a room in the same room on ovulation, about 7 days, when the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, you may find that there is a small amount of bleeding in the vagina, and with the symptoms of pain in the abdominal pain on one side, this symptom is likely to be the fertilized egg with the fertilized eggs.The signal of successful bed.If you find that the amount of bleeding is increasing, it may come for a long time.

3. Feeling tired

After the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, the body will secrete lutein. As lutein secretion increases, it will cause women to feel fatigue.Basically all women have this symptom after pregnancy.And lutein is very critical and can effectively maintain endometrial stability.So if you are preparing for pregnancy, if you are in the same room during ovulation and wait about half a month, if you feel abnormally fatigue, you need to consider pregnancy.

1. Urine examination

This method is the same as using the principle of using early pregnancy test strips. Through a doctor’s professional examination, the results obtained are more reliable.Of course, as the pregnancy time is longer, the accuracy of the detection is higher.

2. HCG blood test

This method is used to detect whether women’s blood contains fluffy hormones.Once you are pregnant, the content of this hormone in women will increase, so you can know through blood testing.

3. B -ultrasound

This test is usually very effective for women who are about 2 months of pregnancy. You can see the baby’s limb activity, fetal heartbeat and so on through B -ultrasound in 2 months of pregnancy.

The above are the symptoms of fertilized eggs after bed. In addition to the above, there will be vomiting, tiredness, breast pain, menopause and other phenomena.Essence

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