Will menstruation cause infertility?

At present, the rhythm and stress of life have led to many women with irregular menstruation.Most people think that they are uncomfortable about menstruation, and they think that they are not uncomfortable, and even feel a "trouble".It is only a "trouble" when you find that your baby can’t be pregnant.Will menstruation really cause infertility?The answer is yes.

Why do menstruation cause infertility?Most of the irregular menstruation is related to the abnormal ovarian function and the poor ovulation function. For example, ovarian dysfunction, polycystic ovary syndrome, drug and psychological spirit, etc., make the follicle quality without ovulation or discharge.important reason.Those with irregular menstruation are often accompanied by hormone secretion disorders in the body, irregular menstrual cycle, eggs discharged but time is uncertain, sperm and eggs cannot meet sperm normally, which leads to infertility.In addition, the endometrium is the part of the fertilized egg bed. If the endometrium is abnormal, it will reduce the probability of pregnancy.When menstruation is irregular, due to the lack of luteal function, the follicle period is prolonged, the luteal stage, and the menstrual cycle is shortened. The endometrium secretion response is poor, and the ovulation -free dysfunction of the uterine bleedingOr early pregnancy abortion.Similarly, when a woman suffers from endometritis or endometrial polyps, it will also be infertile due to the "soil" of fertilized eggs in bed.Unscined menstruation often shows the shortening or extension of the menstrual cycle, increased or decreased, or even amenorrhea. Patients may be accompanied by abdominal pain, breast pain, dizziness, anemia, etc.Women do not worry too much about menstruation. Go to the hospital for treatment in time. After clarifying the cause, treatment and conditioning menstruation can generally be cured.At the same time, women should also pay attention to the following points in their personal habits: 1. Quit smoking, not staying up late, and avoid tiredness.2. Pay attention to keep warm and avoid cold stimulation.3. Irregular menstruation caused by emotional factors can soothe emotions through effective ways, learn self -regulation, avoid severe emotional fluctuations, and maintain a happy mood.4. Strengthen nutrition, enhance physical fitness, and avoid weight loss.Correctly understand the harm of irregular menstruation, regulate menstruation in time, and develop good living habits in order to make pregnancy not "trouble".

Text: Shan Hongying, Deputy Chief Physician of the Reproductive Medicine Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Shihezi University School of Medicine

Edit: Yu Mengfei Liu Yang

Review: Xu Bingnan Yan Yan

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