Will it take too much contraceptive pills to cause infertility?What is the harm of contraceptives to women?

Contraception has been a very sensitive topic since ancient times. Because of all kinds of reasons, you don’t want children, so you have to find a way to contraception.Especially some couples choose contraceptive methods to hurt their bodies because of their lack of contraceptive knowledge. I have reached some girls to choose a fast and convenient contraceptive method because of contraception.What is the harm of contraceptives to women?Let’s talk about this problem below.

Contraceptives are a hormone drug that women can avoid pregnancy after taking it.Contains estrogen estradiol and progesterone.Practice can protect women from accidental pregnancy.If you take too much, it will cause damage to the body.

Contraceptives generally refer to confession contraceptives, women oral contraceptives, external contraceptives and men’s oral contraceptives.In actual life, it is more common to use women’s oral contraception. Some women are willing to take this contraception method, and some women are unwilling to use it.

The main role of contraceptive pills is to ovulate and change the cervical mucus to make the sperm difficult to penetrate, or reduce the manufacturing of the uterine glands, make the blastocyst not easily survive, or change the movement of the uterus and fallopian tube, hinder the fertilized eggs,transport.

The blood concentration of estrogen and progesterone in the contraceptive pill increases the blood concentration after oral absorption of oral absorption, and inhibit the secretion of hormone -promoting hormones through negative feedback; progesterone can inhibit the secretion of cervical mucus, reduce the amount of mucus, but increase the viscosity.Increased cell content, which is not conducive to sperm penetration, makes sperm difficult to pass through, and achieves the effect of hindering fertilization.

More than 4000 years ago, Chinese women used contraception such as mercury, frost, and horse -pamperine, but these drugs contain certain toxicity.Women in ancient Egypt use animal tissues, such as sheep intestine and snake skin.From the data, we can know that there have been various contraceptive methods since ancient times. To this day, drug contraception has been used to this day.

Modern infertility pills are divided into short -acting oral contraceptives, long -acting oral contraceptives, fast -acting oral contraceptives, emergency contraceptives, etc., and those who need them choose to use contraceptives according to their own needs.

1. Short -effect oral contraceptive pills

Common compound acetic acid acetone progesterone tablets, imported from Mom Fulong and Min Ding.Compound acetic acid nail arterone tablets began to take on the third day after menstruation, and take one tablet for 21 consecutive days every night; the imported mom Fulong and Min Ding even started to take it on the first day after the menstrual tide.sky.

2. Long -term oral medication contraceptives

It mainly depends on the females to store in the adipose tissue and gradually release it.Take one medicine on the 5th day of menstruation.Take 1 piece every 28 ~ 30 days later.This kind of medicine is easy to take and work well.This contraceptive method is suitable for women who cannot place in -palace -saving rings and are unwilling to use other contraceptive methods.Such as compound long -acting ninone oral tablets.Generally, after menstruation, one tablet is taken on the 5th day, and 1 piece will be taken after 20 days.But efficiency is not as good as short -acting contraceptives.

3, emergency contraceptive pill

Emergency contraceptives are also a way to use more in actual life. Emergency contraceptives are suitable for emergency contraception methods such as contraceptive measures or contraceptives or contraceptives, diluted and in vitro exclusion failure, and accidental injury.After taking the drug within 72 hours after the same room, it can effectively prevent accidental pregnancy.For example, Yuting is a well -known special emergency contraceptive. It can take one in 72 hours, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of non -willing pregnancy.

There are also some men’s contraceptives, but in real life, women usually take more.

Oral contraceptives will have some sub -reactions.as follows:

1. Menstruation disorders

After individual population contraceptives, menstrual disorders may occur, generally no treatment.

2, bleeding

Because the omissions need to be taken continuously, uterine bleeding may occur.

3. Pregnancy spots

Some women will have pregnancy spots after taking contraceptives. If it is a pregnancy spot due to taking contraceptives, as long as the drug is stopped, the spots can gradually fade.

If you take contraceptives for a long time, it will be harmful to the body.Because contraceptives contain a large amount of progesterone, if you often take it for a long time, it will cause side effects such as menstrual disorders, bleeding from private parts, headache, breast tenderness, weight gain, nervousness, and low emotional tide.There are also some women who take facial stains, amenorrhea, shortening menstrual cycle, excessive or too little menstrual periods, palpitations, redness, back pain, leucorrhea, increased leucorrhea, and leucorrhea.

Especially emergency contraceptives, because containing a large amount of hormones, cannot be used as common contraceptive methods, and cannot be used as common contraceptive methods. It is generally recommended to be appropriate once to twice a year.

As for whether there is an infertility, there is no research evidence yet.Contraception is better to use it carefully after consulting the doctor.

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